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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by High Flyin, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Some rezzies and the SRC have been fairly constant for the last month or so. The water clarity is good and today was solid. Except for the wind. I worked a beach for about 2 hours and nada. I was walking down the beach and decided to go a little further than normal. There was a strange turn on the beach and saw a SRC jump. Went to give it a shot. First cast - bam. Got them on clousers and surface flies (a first for me). Ended up with 12 or so landed. Biggest was around 16-17". It took the fly deep and was hard to get out so I decided to release him quickly. Good luck.
  2. High Flyin Member

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    Well, I thought I would get some type of response. Todays report is KP Tweekers are everywhere. But the best part of the day was when I said, "What part about I do not want to buy Meth from you don't you understand?"
    Fished my secret South beach and got a couple to hand around the tide change.
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    Sounds like a good day-the one with the cutties, not the tweeks
  4. ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

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    great report! Sounds like a good outing, minus the meth heads.
  5. mtskibum16 Active Member

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    I really need to get down and explore that area. It might be my closest decent option for SRC.
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    What rig are you using for the clousers? I usually fish a sink tip and sculpins and do pretty half-assed.
  7. High Flyin Member

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    I use a intermediate sink tip with a leader attached. It works well over all and my buddy just gave me some nonweighted flies and i am going to get a heavier sinking line for those. Going to Eastern WA tomorrow to chase some Yakima fish and I will be back on the salt around the end of the week. Good luck all.
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    Been pounding it hard recently. The SRC are active and yesterday yielded good results. Still having a hard time finding migratory salmon off the beach. Been doing well out in the boat with gear... The rezzies are averageing 12" to 15". Stopped by narrows park yesterday for a little bit on the way home and there were 6-8 guys fishing the outgoing with nothing happening. Anyone getting silvers in 13 off the beach?
  9. Steve Knapp Beach Bum

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    I spent yesterday morning down there, plenty of small Searuns, but didn't see any coho.
  10. daveypetey Active Member

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    Hey guys where is south sound?
  11. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    The south sound is just south of the north sound....:)
  12. Gary Knowels Active Member

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    I consider Tacoma south to be south sound, but other guys may vary on that opinion. You're looking at a 40 minute drive to the Narrows bridge with no traffic from where you are.
  13. rotato Active Member

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    Saw a few coho right on the beach in west 11
    None to hand
    Decent cutthroat fishing
    One pretty golden
  14. colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

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    the sound anywhere south of the narrows bridge is considered the south sound
  15. Preston Active Member

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    From an historical perspective, Vancouver named those waters south of what we now call the Tacoma Narrows (those waters explored and mapped by his lieutenant, Peter Puget) Puget Sound. Although it may not jibe with modern usage, everything north of the Narrows he named Admiralty Inlet.
  16. colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

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    preston is correct, but nowadays the south sound is loosely called for anything south of the narrows. people that fish out there often or grew up in the area will call inlets and passages by there more specific name.