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  1. Hey guys. Happy Friday. I am hoping for a little information. I'm going to give SRC beach fishing a shot this weekend. I'm just not sure where to start. Can the be found anywhere? Are there any areas to avoid? If you were going to take someone out for the first time where would you go? (Area, not looking for specific spots). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know catching scr is a riddle you must solve. I'm just not sure what the riddle is let alone the answer.
  2. There's a ton of great info on this site for you to research, you've come to the right place. Good luck.
  3. Public access beaches. Cobble is better than sand. If there is a freshwater drainage source that is a plus. If there is a point or structure that is another plus. Careful of the beach goers, it is our job to keep them safe of our gear.
  4. Thank you. All of that was great info. I have one further question. I am a flyfisher. That being said my fiance isn't. Is it legal for her to fish gear? Or am I going to save my scr adventure for when she either learns to flyfish or on my own?
  5. Gear is fine - no treble hooks though, switch them out for single hooks, barbless, keep them on the smaller side (4, 6, 8) spinners work and small spoons.
  6. She can fish gear, check the regs in your area. Beaches are not fly fishing only anywhere I can recall.
  7. Sweet. Thank you guys all so much. Have a great weekend, with fingers crossed and a ton of luck I hope to have some fish porn for you guys on Monday. Thanks again. Wish I had a way to repay the information. Unless you guys are trying to figure out the riddle of hunting bear then I probably won't be of much help :)
  8. go to Lincoln park. fish the point. have a picnic when youre done :)
  9. you still have those maps?
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  10. yup! hahaha'

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