SRC success at last!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by bigdan, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Fished PNP on Sunday and finally managed to get into some cutts! After many fruitless attempts around the sound and Gig Harbor it was nice to get into some fish. We fished PNP in the morning and I hooked up with one fish and lost it after about 5 seconds, pretty sure it was a rezzi after watching it do the death dance just before it came off. Fished the rest of the outgoing tide on an other beach and finally got a cutt landed. It was a small fish maybe pushing 8" but it was worth all the time and effort spent on the water! We ended up fishing the same beach later in the day and I got one more small cutt out there. Overall, it was a pretty good day on the water the other guys I was with also got into some silvers!
    Picts to come. . .
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    nice! still working on catching my first.
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    SRC's aren't a very common catch there. Two in a day is quite unusual. Congrats on your success and look forward to your pics.