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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Eyejuggler, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Finally getting my self semi dialled in after reading ALOT of the salt/SRC posts.
    Had a fun T-Day morning in the south sound casting for SRC and honing my sloppy skills :)
    Got 2 nice fish on chartreuse/white clousers ( self tied so that was doubly exciting) casting from shore. I find I prefer my clousers rigged with a stinger this normal?
    My new 5wt setup including a NICE rod I got from a poster here in classifieds made a huge difference.
    I am running outbound intermediate, my first experience with a non floating dedicated line, it gave me better distance but I am realizing I need a stripping basket as the line drag was choking the cast and that was also rather annoying.
    I can tell my casting is getting more powerful as I lost a few flies to the surrounding biggie...more learning :)
    It was awesome just being out, the weather was calm and the water smooth as glass. Belted Kingfishers were flying and chattering everywhere.

    Absolutely great stuff and I owe a big chunk of thanks to the board for all the info and for the lessons in conservation and discretion.

    I feel my Buzz Bomb days are nearly over :p
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  2. Glad you had a good day down south, I headed up north and the water was still pretty churned up and kinda cloudy. I saw some stuff moving but there were some seals right behind them!
  3. I was out on the tip of Point Defiance the other day and there must have been 15 seals all flitting around watching me, pretty cool to see but the fishing was poor for the aforementioned reason :)
  4. Good job doing the research and getting out there.
    When you say you rig your clouser like a intruder, do you mean you tie them with a stinger or on a tube? If so, not unusual at all.
  5. Thanks, yeah the term I wanted was stinger. I have never fished streamer type flies and I felt I might connect more with that setup. I guess it depends on aggression or hunger and a myriad of other factors.
  6. Another issue is the fish you are going for. A lot of folks say coho are really short biters, so you want to have the stinger to keep from missing them. I've been thinking of starting to tie more of my clousers that way though. I think I feel a bit more confidence with the stinger. Good on ya for getting out there and having fun with it. I remember my first winter going for src. I spent a lot of cold days on the water, but it was all worth it when I got that first one on a popper.
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  7. Eyejuggler:
    Point Defiance has provided me with loads of wildlife sightings, but few fish.
    I still love fishing there, though. Trying to figure out how to change out patterns with numb fingers. Considering putting a propane heater on the kayak.
    (just kidding). See you out there!
  8. I love Point Defiance, I have been a trail runner there for nigh 30 years, but the fishing, despite "looking good" with the clay banks and all seems pretty dry, at least for humans. Tons of Seals and Sea Lions chilling there but being so close I had to try. Can't beat the ambiance down there with the wildlife and the occasional whiff of cannabis wafting down from the smokers pullouts.
    I love the hike at low tide from Owen Beach to Salmon Beach, really neat if you do it during inclement weather.
    I will return as its a pleasant place and good casting practice with no one there to watch but the Eagles, Gulls, and Seals :)

    For cold numb hands pop one of those hand warmers in your wader or jacket pocket. I put one in my chalk bag when I climb to help keep the fingers happy. :)
  9. I started fishing cutts in the Pt. Defiance area back in the '60s.

    Before we had boats, my young buds and I would walk down the "seawall" (as we called it back then. Now it's known as the "promenade") and toss herring and spoons at the bulkhead break about half-way between the Boathouse and Owen Beach. Lots of big SRC hangin' out there as there was a small creek that drained into the Sound at that spot. We called it "the break" as it was the transition between the lower concrete bulkhead to the higher. I think there's still some drainage there on big rain events. On a clear water day you could see the fish just sittin' there! We'd just cast out past 'em and retrieve through the school. Did very well!

    In fact, in the early '70s I was boat-trolling in that exact spot and caught my biggest cutt ever. It weighed in at 3 3/4 pounds! Of course, those were the catch-and-keep days.

    Incidentally, the largest cutt I ever saw was caught in that era by the fish collector for Pt. Defiance Aquarium. He had a live tank in his Skippercraft collector boat and one day brought in a cutt to the Boathouse (where I worked) that was so big I said "let's put it on the scale before you take it up to the aquarium". It weighed 6 lbs 4 oz! That's larger than the existing WDFW state sport-fishing record but of course this fish was sort of commercially caught for live exhibit.

    We never found too many cutts past Owen Beach as it's mostly a sand/clay bottom. When we got old enough to own boats/motors we caught lots of cutts on the west side of the Narrows, Quartermaster Harbor and Colvos Passage. Man those were good times!!! :)

    BTW, Eyejuggler, I love your avatar. I had a female Siberian for many years and she and I spent a lot of time playin' around the water and on the snow! Huskies are awesome dogs!!
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  10. As expensive as fly fishing can be, it doesn't always have to be. If you are finding you are in need of a stripping basket (which I suggest when fishing in the surf, or when using sinking lines), it is very easy to McGyver one from readily found dollar store items.
    You save some of your money that way, and you can use those saved dollars to buy things at your local fly shop and for gas and 711 hotdogs...
  11. Thanks guys,
    Dipnet that sounds like some great times indeed as well as some quality story material! After learning a bit more and getting skunked, and learning even more, I see how key topography is. The west side of the point is way better looking albeit more work to get to, I still have a hopeful glimmer in my mind of finding SRC gold there... I just have to pan a bit more.

    Cool on the Husky as well, we came into Coco by semi accident (took her from a neglectful home) and she has been a hoot for sure. We also have a Choc Lab and a Cattle dog/chihuahua mix and the Husky is by far the most emotive and verbal, to hilarity some times :)

    @Jordan I ended up scoring a nice basket and that really has helped get my distance up, of course I was out on the Narrows today and that wind was absolutely horrid. My range was cut about 30 short of all the jumping Silvers. :/
  12. Back in the old days the east side of the Narrows was never much good for SRC. Yeah, we'd find a couple of fish south of the Pt. Defiance lighthouse but if we wanted cutts we'd go onto the west side. Soooo much better and I expect that still holds true (this may be different south of the Narrows Bridge as we never fished there. Titlow, et al.)

    I expect you've fished Narrows Park (I think that's the name of that public access just south of the bridge on the west side). That used to be one of our favorite spots way back then. Also consider crossing the bridge and finding beaches northward in Colvos. I've caught some great fish up the pass. Even today I'm still doing well at the north end of the pass in the Southworth and Manchester areas.

    Went to the east side of Hood Canal today and nailed 3 fish with a lot of other hits. A popular state park but I was the only one on the beach.

    Fish were between 12-16 inches. Last 16-incher spent more time in the air than in the water. What fun!!!! :D

    My huskie became blind in her later years due to diabetes. I had to give her insulin shots twice a day and became her "seeing-eye man"! I got her at 8 weeks and when she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 7 the vet said she wouldn't make it past 9 or 10. I kept her until 13 1/2.

    Damn, I miss that dog!!!

    Best of luck in the search for cutties! :)
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  13. Great bits Dipnet, thank you!

    Special needs dogs, we have had our share. Love to the end and beyond!
  14. Whoa, I missed this initially.

    Are you finding some rezzies in southern Puget Sound?

    I've not seen any evidence of silvers up here in the Bremerton/Silverdale/Manchester/Hood Canal area. I'd love to get a keepable silver to take home and put on the barbie and make my wife believe I'm really standing out there in the waders gettin' cold. (And yes, I do know the controversies about native silvers!)

    The wife, when I tell her I've been catching catch/release SRC all day and don't have anything to cook, loves to kid me and say "yeah, you've been down at the tavern imagining these fish!"

    So tell me if there's some good catch and keep fish down there!! :D

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