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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Fishful Thinking, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. So, I've been flyfishing for over 20 years, but am new to the area and am interested in learning about some of the costal fishing opportunities here. Is anyone going this weekend who would be willing to let me tag along and pick up a few pointers? I'll bring lunch.:D
  2. C'mon, guys - 79 views and not a single response? I'm not looking to scoop anyone's hot spot or secret fly, just a little help for a searun newb. I'll drive, buy lunch, etc., and promise not to reveal any secrets.
  3. Hi Fishful,
    Your best bet would be to search through the threads here in the Salt board. I've only been out for SRC a couple times myself, but I've found all the most useful info by just using the search function. I would give you some more in depth tips, but I don't really have any yet. There's also a really good article in the articles section. Hope you have better luck than I have lately.
    Cheers and good luck,
  4. I find this sad that no one is willing to help this guy out. I would love to but I am going sampling all day on Lake Samish on Sun., because of that it puts a lot of work for me to do on Sat. so I won't be getting out this weekend. Another reason is that I am in Bellingham, and I really don't have to much experience fishing for SRC's in the salt, but I am trying to learn as much as I can. I love SRC's, probably my favorite fish. I hope you find someone to at least go out with. If nothing else grab you map, food, and some clousers and hit the beach. I would also suggest to head into some flyshops, ask around. One of my favorite fly shops down around there is Creekside Angling, they are in Issaquah and Seattle. I haven't been into the Seattle one because I moved up here before that store opened but the guys in there are great.

    I hope you have a good time and good luck,
  5. Thank you both, Jason and Sly for your responses. Yes, I've read the articles and archives, and am fully prepared to go out alone. 99% of all the fishing I do is alone (by choice), but I just thought it'd be fun to meet some of the guys who frequent this site and do something new for once. I did get a PM from someone else, and I'll probably hook up with him. If that doesn't work out, I'm still heading out and trying some of the techniques I've picked up from this site.

  6. Rich, you've got mail.
  7. Rich,
    I think I didn't read your first post, because I didn't realize you were looking for someone to go with. Sorry about that. I'm pretty much limited to Carkeek and Golden Gardens in Seattle, because I commute by bike. But maybe I'll see you out there one of these days. I think I might try Carkeek out on Saturday. But I doubt if you'll pick up any pointers from me. In fact, every time I go out I hope to meet me someone who will offer up a few pointers to me.
    Anyhow, hope you can find some good stuff.
  8. Rich,

    I was planning on fishing Carkeek Sunday morning if you would like to join me. I don't think I would be much of a help considering I have yet to land a SRC in the rougly 8 times I given it a shot. That being said, if you want the blind leading the blind I would love the company.

  9. Rich, Check with the guy's at Puget Sound Flyfishing, they are a sponser on this site. They put together outings where "clinics" at various sites on the sound. Check with them for their next one. Good Luck. :thumb:
  10. Thanks, P-man. As always, it's a good idea to check with the experts. Which brings me to my next question: are there any guides who specialize in this kind of fishing?

    In my experience, the money spent on a guided trip essentially pays for that guide' experience. A very good deal, indeed.
  11. Hi fishful,
    206-545-2197 office
    206-601-0132 Dave's cell#
    Found that info at puget sound flyfishings site. If you want to see some good waters around the Hood Canal try calling the PT angler( in Port Townsend. Mike probably could give you some guides names. Bob Triggs comes to mind, but I don't know if he does coastal cutthroats in the salt or not. I think so. I live in Bellingham, and this will be my first year chasing the coastal cutthroats with a fly.

    Good Luck, Dan
  12. Bob Triggs absolutely does SRC in the salt, and I'll say that in case he's too modest. I don't know if it would be an overstatement to say it's his specialty, I know that OP Steelhead are also primary for him, but the couple times I've stood next to him on a beach, I learned volumes.

    Apparently I DIDN'T learn enough for it to pay off today though -- Rich, you'd have had little to learn from me today. I fished some of the well known spots in the south sound today, Doc's, Purdy, and one other out on Key Peninsula. I got one good pull on a large muddler fished on a sinktip, that was it. I also fished a shrimp pattern and a little baitfish pattern. The only fish I saw was right off the culvert at Doc's. Tides were pretty crap, but the grey skies and low wind - until about 12:00 - were just right. I wrapped it up by 12:30.
  13. Capt. Tom Wolf does a lot of guiding in Puget Sound for sea-runs and silvers and knows the south Sound and Hood Canal very well. You can reach him at

    I would suggest waiting until a better time of year though to go out with a guide, right now is kind of the slowest time of year. A lot of the sea-runs are heading up-river or creek to spawn and will be back out in April and the resident salmon just don't seem to be around in the numbers that they were last year. Over the past three to four years I've found that the late Feb - March timeframe is about the worst time for the local salt, luckily the Yakima is usually picking up at that same time. I know there are fish out there but you have to put in a lot more time per fish now than you would in May or June.

  14. FISHFUL... Was just checking the website this evening and saw your posting. Wanted you to know I was down at Lincoln Park this morning fishing the stretch from the north pedestrian walkway down to the pool house and caught three residents, all around 16". I used a fly designed by a buddy of mine I call the "ringer..." pleads a lack of fishing talent until he gets out there with you and cleans your clock. Anyway, this fly I used is simply a white crystal chenile body wrapped 3/4 down the shank with four strands of pearlescent fiber for a tail. About a size 8. The head consists of a black cone. I tie this thing weighted with fine lead wire... Full floating line, letting the fly sink, then slow stripping action. Water conditions were okay 'til around 11am; started getting a little rough with the water crashing onto the beach. Hope this was of some help...;)
  15. do you wade in or just fish from the shore?
  16. Fish from shore at first - and stand back! There can be fish right next to shore. Search the shallow water for a while before you step foot in the water. And don't get too scientific at first - muddlers, clouser minnows and bunny leeches in sizes 4 - 10 should be a good way to start.
  17. South of the Shipwreck Saturday

    Rich, didn't see you Saturday, I thought you were coming to fish the beach?

    Sorry you couldn't make it. About an hour into the tide turn, a pod of resident Coho lined up and started feeding along a 75' tide seam. They hungrily slashed my slider. Some would miss the first time, boiling the water next to the fly, then come out of the water on the next shot, with fly in mouth!

    Excellent day at the beach. ;)
  18. SD - sorry I didn't make it Sat, but work has absolutely been killing me lately. I had to go in to the office both Saturday and Sunday. I feel terrible, as you and others made some great offers, and I couldn't go in the end. Glad to hear you did well, and now I'm ready to just chuck my pager in the trash.

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