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  1. Shouldn't that be: Eastern Brook Trout Hunter?

  2. You can always tell when nobody is fishing. All the important issues start getting discussed.
  3. I guess you'll have to stop to referring to other known standards like the PNW, the OP, the GR, the D, the NF of the X, etc. People like to personalize things that are important to them, and perhaps it helps communicate unknown things in a crowd.

    I don't view it as disrespectful at all.
  4. Is anyone listening to their kids these days? The language is changing gentlemen! I remember when thou were oft chastized with vigor for a mere mangle of the written word.
  5. Gldntrt,
    Resident coho (or silvers) differ from ocean migrating coho in that they find conditions sufficiently salubrious within the Sound to never leave on the years-long oceanic journeys of their more adventurous relatives. The same is true of chinook (or king) salmon; some choose not to leave the Sound and are referred to as "blackmouth". Although most resident coho today are the result of plantings of pen-reared fish which are held until beyond their normal smolting time (which apparently results in a large percentage of these fish adopting the resident lifestyle); back in the day, fifty and more years ago, when Puget Sound coho populations were much more prolific than they are today, naturally-occurring resident coho were much more common than they are now. We called them "feeder silvers" then, and the legal limit was six fish under eighteen inches, per day.

    Les has recovered somewhat but is still is still confined to a wheelchair.
  6. You are correct, sir.
  7. And another thing, it's Chevrolet....
  8. Preston, thank you kindly for the information on the fish and the update on Les Johnson. Glad to hear he has recovered some and hope he is aware how much joy his writings have brought many of us.

    Love to hear from folks who remember fish stocks and runs of yesteryear. Puget Sound/Hood Canal is an amazing inland ocean-I guess part of the Salish Sea conglomerate name now, and I think something we may take for granted. How many places in the world have what we have right here?

    Wonder what the oddest form of salmonid is? There must be still some undiscovered micro-stocks of an odd one?
    Aurora Trout may be landlocked Arctic Char? Are there any freshwater only Humpy stocks?
    Love the possibilities!

    Again, thanks for the information, really enjoyed it!
  9. <p>
    Salvelinus fontinalis combator:thumb:
  10. I'm glad I didn't use SRC in my book! lol....
  11. I'll have to trust you on that one as I was a below average latin student... :D
  12. First, I'd hardly consider SRC to be a "known standard", considering the acronym pretty much didn't exist before WFF (Chris - Nice, man! WFF is actually adding to the English language!). Second, I don't see how an acronym better communicates something in a crowd vs just saying sea-run cutthroat.
  13. I always found it easier to just type WTF then to spell it out. Same with SRC......
  14. Chester long time no see
    If you're gonna plug your book I suggest you do it on a more intelligent thread with people who can read,
    hope you are well!
  15. DUDE! WTF! DUDE!
  16. Isn't the name Searun Cutthroat Trout disrespectful, given that it's actually an Oncorhynchus Clarkii Clarkii?
  17. Don't anyone ever call me DFL again! It's so disrespectful!
  18. I have two teenage daughters that for the last two years have held world class girlie arguments, often at peak volume lasting into the wee hours. Oh how I miss that now that the oldest is off to college. It's a blessing to know I can tap into this site for familiar discourse.
  19. Still trying to get my mind around this one...get back to you soon.
  20. ZING!

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