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  1. First, I reckon the fish appreciate the respect shown when we catch and release them (as though fish are capable of such logical deductions).

    And the subsequent discussions and/or private thoughts we have after catching them.


    "Wow, what a fish.."

    "Damn, you're pretty..."

    "Thank you...for washing off the skunk..."

    Second, I learned SRC from you dad! (fingers pointed at all the posts on here I read after moving back from Texas and trying to figure out how the hell to catch fish).

    I'd venture to guess that for the new angler, typing SRC into the search function on here yields some pretty pertinent information.

    Now I'll shut up and go back to fly tying and fishing.
  2. Seriously? This won't make thread of the year. Who gives a rip what someone calls a particular type of fish, or themselves on an online forum? Some people have a strange way of measuring "respect" in my humble opinion. The only thing salvagable here is that many are reflecting on the wonderful contributions of Les Johnson. We all are better off having had the opportuntity to read his works, share his company and follow his lead.
  3. So yesterday I drove my BMW to secret PNW beach on the OP to chase SRC's with my WF 6wt GPX line on my TFO TiCX and used a popper while the MFing wind blew... WTF, BRB, I have to go #2, since I've had too much coffee this morning... IMHO this thread is not causing me to LMFAO or even generate a LOL.. in fact I think I just wasted 2 min's of my life I won't get back.. FML!
  4. i'll take "SRC" over "steelfaces" anyday. :)
  5. I guess I have to respond since I posted the last report in Saltwater with SRC and Rezzies in it, and apparently I am the straw that broke the SRC's back. I'm impressed that I caused several grown men to throw temper tantrum's and one to refer to his daughters girlie talk. Very interesting stuff. I don't think I have to tell you where to go and how to get there.

    This is a fly fishing forum, not a formal publication or book. Slang is going to be used, and I'm gonna use it. It doesn't mean I don't respect the fish, or obsess about catching them, releasing them and making sure I don't harm them.

    I had the privilege to listen to Preston make a private presentation on Coastal Cutthroat Saturday. It was fantastic and very proper and reverent. I appreciated it and was glad I was there, and when I left I couldn't wait to chase SRC and rezzies the next day.... which is what I'm doing tomorrow too. I may just post a report tomorrow night, if I have the pleasure of connecting with a fish..
  6. I think it IS all the neat oddities and differences that make it fun. Probably no real hard feelings about the comments on here.

    The tweeter generation. It's infected us all. Too busy or lazy. SHORTCUTS, the NEW American way! Damn youth. But still, so glad they aren't listening to BOSTON or JOURNEY like some of us (not really my music, saving myself ridicule cause some might not be kind :)
    Besides, those lazy X-box, cereal eating kids won't crowd the rivers or hiking trails so I say more internet and pseudo world for the masses.

    Variety is good. Different ways are good. Funky is good. Sort of like when someone you like says something really off, you can chastise them or shrug your shoulders and laugh.

    Always better to laugh with someone than at someone. I know. Because I've been there. It hurts : )
    Those doofy looking kids with pants falling down, texting and hip-hopping are no worse than my mullet hair days of the 80's.

    Group laugh and hug (not you Zen, still leery of you: )
  7. Those doofy looking kids with pants falling down, texting and hip-hopping are no worse than my mullet hair days of the 80's.

    Are gonna be the ones who take up fly fishing one day and it's our duty to make sure they've got the opportunity, regardless.
  8. "SRC? WTF!?!"

    Wait, and you were to lazy to type out WTF in full?!

    Just kidding (notice I spared you the "j/k")

    Not kidding about this: spend your time showing respect for the resource, not worrying about language, and we'll all be all right.
  9. Words Matter!
  10. Yep, most are probably good kids too! They'll be fat and bald in time too with any luck- like most of us, and pass on the flyfishing gene to
    hopefully many generations.
  11. LOL!! Opps, Oh Shit I meant laughing out load..
  12. Still working up a sweat over this one...stay tuned.
  13. Everyone. Really. Wow.

    Go back and read the original post and de-wad your panties! The original intent was only semi-serious; hence the use of terms like "I know this seems dumb" and "I'm not quite sure why" and "I've lost my mind" and "this may win the dumbest thread ever award" (which it may well do, thanks to y'all!). No one is telling you what to do, what to say, how to act, or how to speak. Jeeez! Just letting of a little steam about a personal pet peeve regarding language and throwing it out there, on a spontaneous whim. Again, wow.

  14. Uh oh, freestone is talking to his own thoughts.... :hmmm:
  15. Who cares what you call them? Stick to what's important, who's got the hot fly. If you're looking for respect you're too needy. Buck up and ask yourself why you've got nickname for anything. I call my wife a hot Cutty. Best thing I've ever hooked.
  16. you can call me Jimmy, you can call me Billy, you can call me Bobby, you can call me Henry
    You can call me Timmy, you can call me Steven

    just don't call me late for fish'n! :rolleyes:
  17. Relax Freestone, it's not worth steaming the ears. There's no serious flaming in this thread so my parable might have been more appropriate in another. Timing is not my long suit. (Not sure I have a long suit.)
  18. I normally don’t get wrapped up in these types of discussions but because I have been a long time advocate of the Coastal Cutthroat Trout I am on the same fence with Preston and Les J. and others. As with our wild steelhead these fish deserve more respect than being referred to as SRC, Rezzie, Cuttie when I see or hear these its like finger nails on a chalkboard.
  19. :thumb:

  20. I agree it kills me to read and feel obligated to type rezzie when I post on here about resident silvers. Just because most folks on here refer to them as rezzies does not mean that I needed to do the same just to fit in though. I think I will stick to my favorite name for them which is what my father has always called them and that is resident silvers. Some might prefer resident coho, resident silver or even rezzie to each their own.

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