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  1. Honestly, even "cuttie" doesn't bug me when spoken, though I hate it when written (I generally believe in more, rather than less, formality in the written word). Similarly, I'd venture a guess that most every cutthroat fisherman that has spent significant time chasing them has said "wow, that's a beautiful cutt" at least a few times over the years. In BC they talk about "cutties". A lot. It's human nature to truncate when speaking. By contrast, SRC just seems completely contrived and silly to me; like Leland said, is anyone really going to refer to fishing for es-ar-see's when talking to a buddy? I don't know, maybe... people do talk about heading to "the OP", (or BC... see above) so who knows. SRC still sounds and feels disrespectful and/or trivializing to me.
  2. SRF, please drop this thread. You use cutts and cutties in your written posts. If you hate it, stop doing it. It is difficult to follow your thoughts from post to post.
  3. Thank you Steve
  4. No, please don't stop this most stimulating and important thread...I'm literally on the verge of making a decision on this one :D
  5. Didn't I refer to acronyms earlier? WTF.
  6. This thread is retarded. Go fishing.
  7. Not been here long but it seems a thread is not done until enemies are made and insults exchanged and sides chosen.
    I'd hate to get everyone in one room, worse than a class reunion
  8. Let's talk about the NBA and the NHL coming to Seattle....
  9. You've crossed the line DFL.
  10. Same as others I use searun cutthroat out of respect for Les. I could care less how much of the rest of you talk or type for I have yet to aquire the same level of respect for you as I have for Les.
  11. This is sooo important.
  12. Oh yeah, NHL!! For sure I'd go to 5 + games a year.

    NBA is not my cup of tea anymore.. but if it helps get an new arena-for sure.
    Besides, one day the Sonics might be worth watching.
  13. Arrogance goes a long ways. Hey, and it is great to show a good man respect, but why cheapen it with
    cheapshots and a ignorant blanket statement?

    I doubt anyone here gives a rip what you think of them.

    Much like I don't respect your gun-toting, sea lion rant-"they are here on MY earth" bullshit too.
    I doubt you cry to mommy about my respect level I offer either..
  14. You can interepret my posts anyway you want. It is obvious you don't understand them. At least you got the above right.
  15. Go fishing people.
  16. DFL, that is about the only thing I can think of that would be more useless than arguments/discussion about respect and the use of nomenclature of SRC, cutties, cutts, cutties...

    (Just kidding Larry, a discussion of body functions would be worse).
  17. SRC is mildly annoying. I guess it's ok in print. I've never heard anyone actually say it. The trendy attempts at steelhead descriptions like steelface, chrome dome, etc. are more annoying. The most annoying is guys trying to make their own abbreviated names for rivers. Some rivers have a nickname that's decades old and accepted. But there are abbreviations that I hear or see online and just assume it's a noob's attempt at making his own nickname.
  18. I need more "Cow Bell"
  19. Funniest post in all 6 pages.

    Thanks, Eric.

  20. SRC? BFD!?!GO FISH!?!

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