SRC's in a Lemon Dill Sauce

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  1. I spent most of Sunday on a ladder cleaning the gutters...About 3 pm I needed a break so I grabbed an ice tea and took the dog for a walk on the beach. As I stood at the waters edge
    looking for signs of fish a pair of kayakers are cruising by. I notice fishing rods sticking out the side of each. I yelled at the gal in the kayak that was in earshot "How's the fishing?" She told me that they hadn't caught anything yet but last evening they got two, a 16 incher
    and one that was 18 inches. She went on to say that the fish were in
    the fridge and would be dinner tonight. I asked her what kind of fish were they and her face kind of went blank as she said "steelhead". At this point I'm getting pissed because I know what is in their fridge.
    I tell her that there is a 99% chance what she has caught and killed is a SRC and they are an endangered fish in Puget Sound. After my comment I can tell that she is getting upset. She ask's me how to tell a SRC from other fish. I stay calm and give a brief discription of a SRC. As she is getting out of earshot I yell "If you catch anything that looks like a SRC you will let it go won't you?
    Of course she said as she paddles away.
    As I climb back up the ladder I start thinking of the beautiful 18" cutty I caught last Thursday evening in front of my house... David
  2. If they made it a felony I think people would get a lot smarter.
  3. If you expect that all the people will follow all the regulations all of the time, you doom yourself to disappointment. I take a lot of comfort believing that most of the people follow most of the regulations most of the time, and SRC populations are doing pretty well overall as a result. BTW SRCs are not endangered nor threatened even in over-developed Puget Sound. Inform people of what the regulations are, call in violations if you catch them in the act, and you've done your part.

    Of course, if you're in a position to do so, seizing their fishing tackle and breaking it and killing the perps and burying them with it in a sand bar might make you feel better too.

  4. Salmo, I know that SRC's are not "endangered or threatened",
    I was just pissed and wanted to make this person feel as bad as
    I did. I could have been more of a dick about it but there seemed to
    be no point to do so. David
  5. David -

    Why be a dick about it, and why get so pissed? Why was it your goal to make them feel terrible about it? They didn't know what they were doing was wrong, and they'd be a lot more open to your education if you took a more friendly approach. The loss of a couple or SRC isn't going to change the fate of the population or even affect your catch rate. Natural background mortality is up around 70% a year for most salmonids - Most individual fish die each year. Its not like they ate a condor or something. Chill.
  6. How was he a dick about it? he simply informed some unknowing fishermen that they quite possibly poached in fairly diplomatic language by the sounds of it. They should be a little more informed if they're going fishing. It's really not that hard to figure out what potential species might be at the end of your line. If you can figure out where they live and how to catch them, you should be able to identify what you're catching. It's not like we're targeting 50 species out there. I think not being afraid to inform people of the regs is being a a much more responsible angler than simply letting it slide and hoping they get the information somewhere else. Informing them may have prevented further poaching later that same day.
  7. David,

    Personally I don't think you were a "dick" about this at all. You handled it well considering that this whole dialogue happened rather unexpectedly, and most likely took place over the course of maybe 30 seconds (just guessing). Had I seen or heard what you did, I'm sure I would have reacted the same way. O.k., the loss of 2 fish probably isn't going to affect the SRC population, but it's the point of the thing. I get upset when I witness ignorant people too. In my opinion you handled it about as well as you could've. Thanks for at least saying something. Keep it real - J.P.
  8. Milt, I was nice to the gal and did give her a discription of
    what a SRC looks like... with no harsh words at all. I didn't even ask,
    do you have a license or are you using barbless hooks or treble hooks.
    My goal was to let her know what she was doing (had done) was wrong. I guess
    being ignorant is ok as long as .........what?
  9. In the eyes of the WDFG ignorance is not an excuse. All we can do as responsible anglers is try to educate. David, you did exactly the right thing :thumb:
  10. I think Dave handled the situation well.
    I don't buy the "it was only two" argument. The fact is, they were out fishing again. Two could easily become a hell of a lot more give the aggressive nature of searuns. Not only that, it takes a good number of years for those fish to achieve that size.

    I saw gammies bust several folks out on the beaches this weekend. Fishing with barbed hooks, no licenses and illegal fish. Oh well, it was only three people fishing illegally on one beach in one day. I doubt it is happening anywhere else.
  11. Its not OK to be ignorant and nobody should be fishing without doing their homework on the regs. I'm just saying, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Obviously they didn't know what they did was wrong or they wouldn't have told you about those fish in the first place. The goal should be to change their behavior and educate them about conservation of the SRC resource. The words "pissed" and "could have been more of a dick" were not mine, and it sounded to me like you may have left them with more of an impression about you as an individual than with a fresh perspective on the need for SRC conservation.

    If that's not the case, you have my apology.
  12. Milt, that was not the case, and apology accepted.
  13. Good job David on making them aware of their ignorance:thumb:


    For a second there I thought you were about to give a report about Fishing Lake Washington.:beathead:
  14. I bet they taste good in lemon dill sauce though...
  15. If you knew that, why'd you say it? Throwing out blatant misinformation in an attempt to educate will just undermine your intention.
  16. 1 ignrorant person = 2 dead SRC
    100 ignorant people = 200 dead SRC
    10,000 ignorant people = 20,000 dead SRC
    I think even those of us not mathematically inclined can see the potential for damage. Well done David, and all others who do take the regs seriously, educate those that you can and report those that are violators.

    Just out of curiosity, do you think there are only 10,000 ignorant people, even part time anglers target SRC because they are aggressive feeders and can be reached without a boat in most locations. Ignorant people are not limited to wrongful harvest of SRC so those same ignorant people can affect more than we might be giving them credit for.

    I had a friend once bonk a wild silver. After his adreneline cleared he realized his action and he literally puked his guts out in disgust of himself and called WDFW to report his illegal action. Highly commendable, then he was informed that the particular place he was fishing was one of a very few that allowed retention of wild silvers. He was no longer illegal, but he was still sick to his stomach having removed such a specimen from the wild gene pool.
  17. Should of thrown a regs book at them and said read this you ignorant illiterate prick. No one should fish with out knowing the regs or whats out there. Its against the law. Who cares if there feelings were hurt. I get mine hurt every time I look in the mirror!
  18. Alpinetrout, I said that (endangered spieces) to get that gals
    attention..... and maybe get her to think before she kills fish
    without even knowing if it's legal or not. I would bet that my
    comment caused her to look up the regs and be more informed.
    Yes I know what I said wasn't true but I sure got her
    attention in a hurry.
  19. Dave,
    I have a similar story. I was fishing a local S. river on Labor Day and a car topper came by with two guys trolling plugs. I asked how they were doing and they said they were fishing for rainbow trout and lifted up a stringer with two 14 or 15 inch SRC. I said there were no rainbows down in the tidal part of the river and that those were protected cutthroat and only catch and release. I assume they believed me but kept on trolling their treble hook plugs. Hard to believe these guys did not know what they were doing. Too bad. They no doubt will catch some of the bigger SRC spawners in the system and eat them.
  20. The limit used to be 12

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