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  1. We have been trying to find some spots in the Everett area that would create good opportunities to catch some cutties. Went to Howarth park in Everett today since we have a dog and there is a nice off leash area. We had been to this park before and thought it may be a decent place to try and fish. But when we got there this morning there were two creek gushing brown water into the bay and it was like the Puget Sound was "blown out". Which I didn't know could happen in salt water. These are two very small creeks, would this cause the whole area to become murky? Was is because the tide was coming in and it was just stirring up sand? I guess I'm just curious what causes this? Is it too sandy and we probably wouldn't catch any SRC's here anyway? Are there any other beaches in the area that may be better? Any lessons on how to catch these fish in salt would be awesome! This is the only fish I caught all morning, at least we didn't get skunked I guess.

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  2. The Snohomish sets up a nice current behind jetty island. It's probably dumping a bunch a sediment into possession sound, and much of it would be in the general area of that park.
  3. from what I have seen, I would say that beaches can get blown out with bad weather and the area around gushing creeks. where as I went down the beach to clearer water and fishing improved. but wind and rain can also affect the coloration of the water around the edge of the beach. I have seen days where beaches that I fish on a normal basis in the morning be clear and as a mass of wind come in and the water gets murky form the shore to 50ft out or more. so I would say yes that they can get blown out. I would not give up hope on the beach and let the creeks calm down then try it few more times.
  4. also when fishing those murky waters try bright oranges and pinks.
  5. Ok that makes sense, thanks for the info!! Are there still fish around when it get murky like that or do they migrate to cleaner waters? I've had some luck over in the hood canal using oranges but it was a long time ago and in much better conditions, ha.
  6. yes there are still fish there its just harder to get hook them do to the waters conditions. but I still do hook fish in the murky waters. and normally its right at the edge of the water change or right as I get into it. I use orange a lot. the shade I use is Steelhead Orange from Fish Hunter. it is very bright and I have lost count of the amount of SRC I have landed on that color just this year.

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