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    Starring our very own Aberdeen, WA:

    "There used to be a lot of jobs that you could do with just a high school degree, and that paid enough to be considered middle class. I knew, of course, that those have been disappearing for decades. What surprised me was what has been happening to many of the people who lost those jobs: They've been going on disability."
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    So it looks like I've paid into SS for 40 some years and the retirement benefits will run out in about 20 years. I can see my retirement check getting smaller as I get older. I guess I better go on disability....:rolleyes:
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    Take a look at the ads in the below screenshot. Could be part of the problem.

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    Oh, a short cut....good catch, Thanks.
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    This is a crutch for lazy people. People that really need it can't get it.

    One of my kids got in a accident and broke her back. Wasn't wearing her seat belt. Now she can't work. Standing up hurts all the time and can only sit for a short time. She takes drugs for the constant pain. But she can't get on disability. They keep denying her. Maybe she should move down south.

    Hell, I have a bad back and bad knees and I continued to work for over 25 years with the bad back. The pay check gave me more money than a check for not working. And now that I'm retired SS is paying me along with Boeing.. Been retired since 1999. I hope I live a long time. That way SS will keep on paying me.
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    Very interesting report, and disturbing as well.
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    OK, here's one for you. I know a woman who never had a job in her life, was a stay at home (divorced) mom who raised her kids on welfare. Late in life was diagnosed with breast cancer. Medicare took care of her. She has been cancer free for as long as I've known her, which is ten years. She is on disability, which pays more than SS or welfare, & gets free medical care. Sells junk (costume) jewelry at craft shows & the web. Something wrong with this picture.

    On the other hand, how can we help a 50 year old man (30 years experience) with a mortgage, wife, & kids ready for college who is being laid off because technology has made his job obsolete? Or his company has outsourced his job to some foreign country? Even if he gets re-trained for some other type of work, who is going to hire him for even a fraction of what he was once worth? He will be competing with youngsters half his age who are willing to work for the price of rent & car payments on a new Mustang.

    The whole damn system is upside down!