St Croix SCIII Blanks

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by stillysteeler, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. I have found such blanks online:

    They are "Matte Grey Finish". Are those blanks older one? I am suspicious regarding them because they are much chipper than offered by other stores and they have different color than I found in St Croix blanks chapter . If they are older St Croix blanks how are their performance? Please advise me regarding these blanks.
  2. Did you ever get an answer on this one? They might have been custom ordered in that finish, although since they have every size I doubt they did. Since I've been using St. Croix blanks for the past couple of years and do not remember them being anything other then green for the SCIII's.

  3. The SC III blanks used to be a dark matte gray color and were uncoated (pre-IPC). This was prior to the change to the IPC canteen green color blanks. I believe the last year of manufacture of the matte gray blanks was ~ 2005, but I could be off by a year.

    I'm not sure whether Custom Tackle came across a bunch of old stock blanks, or if the web link just hasn't been updated in a long time...or what.

    The link in this post shows the following info, so am not certain if Bob McKamey still owns Custom Tackle, or if it's in new hands, or if they are even still in business: "At this time, our online shop is not functional but feel free to browse our site." I don't even see an email address or phone number listed on the current site, but I used to email Bob McKamey at .

    Not sure if this helps at all.
  4. I called st croix and us I remember they talled me that this is current production. I bought the blank in custom takle at the last moment befor the company has been taken trough mud hole. I bought the scIII 2 pcs blank. I made rod and I loved it. It is much much better that my older rod. It cast really well and recently I got my fisrt steelhead ever!
  5. The website at Custom Tackle before it was taken over by Mudhole hadn't been updated in some time. They still listed blank manufacturers that hadn't been in business for a while, and they never changed the site when Lamiglas quit making the Perigee blanks, and than a couple years later Lamiglas only brought back the fly blanks. They had the recent stuff along with the newer price when you ordered, just hadn't changed the discriptions on the first page. Now if you go there I think you get the Mudhole site direct now.

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