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  1. I had a short but sweet visit with my son on the St. Regis last weekend. (Forest lives in Bozeman, MT)
    I only got to release three fish, LDR's or missed strikes on all others.
    We found what I think was a pod of fluvial cutts in the lower river near town. So cool to see 15/20 laying in the pool, looking like steel head.
    I released two that were very nice, 14/15" and my all time best 18/19".
    I didn't get pictures of these two fish, camera was waiting back in camp.
    Sunday we fished up stream a few more miles and I got one out from under a log, I believe this was a resident cutt, he was darker in color.
    Great time was had.
  2. Sweet! My all time best brown- a legitimate 20"er- came from that river. It was also my 1st on bamboo. Nice to see some St. Regis pics, thanks for the report.
  3. Thanks for the report. Perfect timing - I'll be there next week. Hope to do as well.
  4. Nice pics!
    Did you go to Frostys?
  5. No? Where is Frostys? Who is Frosty? How do I get there?
  6. Its a little hamburger joint in St. Regis.
    They serve shoe-leather burgers although
    they make a mean strawberry shake.:beer1:
  7. great!
  8. I'll remember that for the strawberry shake.
    I like the O.K. cafe for the chicken fried steak and eggs.
  9. BTW, avoid the drive-thru. That is, unless you have an hour to burn...

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