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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by mike doughty, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. I am going to try expand my tying horizons by learning how to tie with deer, moose, etc. type hairs. i would like to learn to tie muddlers, wally wakers, etc.,is there a secret to it, do just keep tying on top of each other? are there any good videos out there to learn from?
  2. i just started tying bombers and the spun deer hair creations... They didnt look good at the start but they were pretty easy to get the hang of... I am going to try ot find the websites that helped me out and post them up for you.
  3. Cool, thanks D3Smartie
  4. Well, I normally spin bombers and muddlers, but stack waller wakers. I've done a waker tutorial, PM/email me and I'll send you the link to it.
  5. I would highly reccomend any videos with Dave Whitlock, he is a master at spinning and stacking and the videos are very very well done.
  6. There are a few videos out there that a good ones. I got one and I loaned it out but I haven't seen the guy :( I loaned it to in about 10 months. I think it is called Tying With Hair or Tying With Deer Hair by Chris Helm. It also shows six different flies and how to tie them. Good Video.

  7. Old Man i was doing a little more looking earlier and found that video so i marked the page so that i can pick it up.
  8. from what catalog mike?
  9., and of course under the books and videos section. there is a video called spinning deer hair, they have quite a few videos.

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