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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Eric Denny, Oct 2, 2013.

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  1. I am wanting to get started in fly tying and would like to get the stuff needed to start. I am wanting to start off tying trout dry flies for streams and then go to nymphs. I am new to this so am not wanting to start off by spending a arm and a leg, just like I didn't want to start that way with fly fishing well 6 rod's later I have a couple set ups the run a nice junk of change, so if this goes like that did I figured I should start out as cheap as I can because if I enjoy it I will be put all my extra cash into it. So if you can help me send me a p.m. with what you got and what you want for it pic's would be nice. Thanks
  2. Eric, I have some stuff for you. Sent you a pm.
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  3. I have gotten some stuff am still looking for stuff so please send me a P.M. if you got anything you are wanting to sell for fly tying.
  4. Can you be more specific in what you need? I have quite a bit I can sell but would need to know what you are looking for.
  5. PatrickH has some hackle in these Classifieds for sale; you should look in to it.
  6. Robert I am new to fly tying so all I have gotten so far is a vise, a bobbin, and a whip finisher. I am wanting to start out tying dries. BWO, PMD, royal wulff, those kind of flies.
  7. I will do that I have been checking every so often must have missed it. Also love the name!!!! Is that your first or last?
  8. The hackle PatrickH is selling are something you can start with, but you will need more, way more. What you will need is thread, tinsel, hooks, dubbing, fur real and fake. Beads are also good. Let me get some things together, PM me your email and I can send you pictures with prices.
  9. If you just want to buy some cheap stuff to get you by, you might be able to find some really cheap stuff on Ebay or Amazon and when you find 1 item you want to buy, check what else that person has for sale and you should be able to save on shipping by getting everything from 1 person.
    I just started and I had a very low budget on what I wanted to spend, but then I thought about it and figured since I will be tying lots of flies in the future and doing it more for the hobby of fly tying rather then just tying for fishing, I spent more then I probably should have, but now every time I put a hook in my vise or pick up a tool I am perfectly happy and I don't even think about upgrading since I just saved up and bought what I wanted.
    Youtube videos are the best thing ever. I can watch them all day for some reason. What makes them so interesting? I don't know haha..
    I wouldn't go to a fly tying class when there is so many videos and websites out there to help you. You would probably end up paying for a fly tying class and then forgetting something and going to look it up on Youtube or somewhere else on the internet anyway. Save your money for fly tying material in my opinion. But, if your into that sort of thing, I'm sure you will learn alot from it, especially when it comes to knowing the quality of different materials. Some places charge $60 bucks for fly tying classes. I would rather spend it on more material.
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  10. I've got 2 great vises, one with a pedastal and one with a clamp. I'll sell the clamp vise for $30 and the pedastal vise for $60. Let me know if you're interested.
  11. I am not sure if you are still looking for fly tying materials but if you are I have a lot of materials that we are selling through an estate sale, from hooks, dubbing, threads, necks, furs, etc. and a lot of it. I know we are suppose to put what we have and a price but I really would need to know for sure what you are looking for. If you are interested contact me a www.jackw@adamstractor.com.
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