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  1. i just started out and i want to find a river that i could practice casting on and catcha couple of small trout. does anyone have any ideas on where i should try?
  2. Try the Snoqualmie forks. The Middle is bigger water than the South
    Fork. The Deschutes by out of Olympia can be nice. I have heard that they plant the Tilton consistently and it is friendly to beginners.

    Check the regs, I'm not sure that all of the above are open at this time.

    If these don't work for you, advise what area you live in and I'm sure you'll get other suggestions.
  3. I'm not sure where you live, but when I was learning, I found that the Snoqualmie River (especially the South Fork) was an excellent river to cut your teeth on. Get a good map and explore. Twin Falls State Park can be nice if you don't mind people watching you. There's alot of different types of water and it'll give you an opportunity to cast a fly in moving water so you can learn different casts and mends. Not to mention, give you valuable wading practice. I have alot of fond memories of that river especially summer evenings when the fish are actively feeding on the surface. You won't catch big fish, hell you might not catch any fish but it'll prepare you for other rivers and who knows, you might hook into a nice rainbow or two. It's a great river to hit after work on a nice summer evening and fish it 'til dark. Have fun with the sport, but please, don't tell anyone else what a great fun it is! :THUMBSUP
  4. thanks i live in covington (thats just outside of kent)
  5. Well, we all (or most) of us who call the Westside for home and employment just love to get away to the big trout that eastern Wa. offers - Lenice, Dry Falls, Chopaka, Dusty, Yak, Rocky Ford, etc. etc. But, again it takes driving time and wear and tear on the vehicle and we can't always go every wkend.. So we make due with the nice little steams over here for a summer afternoon:)

    I notice you mention your in Covington.. A few years back I did some stream fishing on the Green R. in the area around Flaming Geyser St Park. True, the fish (rainbow) are not huge and can be few and far between, but it is a pretty spot and close to your locale.
    Try some dry traditional patterns (yellow humpies, etc.) on the small pocket water in later summer when the water levels are down and easy wading. Try in and around the Kanasket area - lots of stream to explore.

    I also second the mention of the forks of the Snoqualamie River if your up closer to North Bend. I remember just last late August afternoon, accessing the water from the bridge on the Mt. Si Road - a few nice fish in the 12 -14" range (that's a good size for the Snoq.)

    Explore, have fun (remember however, river season doesn't start till June 1, except Middle Fork of Snoqulamie which is yr. round).
  6. i fished the green last summer alot from metsler all the wat to head works ther are lost of small trout and there are some nice sumer run stelys in ther not to mention samon and there big u wull see them in mid aug therw oct and it keeped me happy not to mention i hooked some 12-18 in fish some cuts and white fish be carfull i also found a large crawdad cut my wader open he was pised he tasted very good to he was 11in i have had smallere lobsters
  7. thanks would the middle fork of the snoqualmie be ok right now or is it too early in the year to fish it
  8. I think it is a little early, but I could be wrong. I was as Mt. Si last weekend, and the middle fork was running about 2500cfs. I would expect the fishing to pick up as the snowmelt slows down and the flows come down. Chris (site administrator) has experience on the Forks. Here is a web site where you can check out the flows on King County Rivers (real-time).
  9. I might be old---but I'm good.

    All the forks of that river are open year around above the falls. Just that river nothing else. Every thing that is going to open will open in just eight days. I can hardly wait.
  10. I believe all the forks of the Snoqualmie above the falls are open year round to selective fishing - single barbless hooks, C&R. I could be wrong, does anybody have the new regs with them? I haven't been able to find them anywhere.
  11. I'm not sure, but I think that only the middle fork is open year round. Check the regs.
  12. I might be old---but I'm good.

    No all forks are open. You have to read it real close because of all of the double talk. Like open from here to there and from there to here. I read it that way once so from now on I read them(regs) real close so I don't make any mistakes. Jim S. P.S. you can find the regs at

  13. where would be the best spots to fish and the easiest spots to wade. also what flies should i try?
  14. If you're going to fish the Snoqualmie, a good dropper fly to use is a bead head pheasant tail. Size 14 or 16. I'd recommend the 16. Since the water is high, if you don't want to drive as far, you can fish off of Reinig road out of North Bend. Fish the back eddies. Anywhere you see foam forming. Also, you can watch for foam lines by faster water where it meets slower edges.

    Pete :

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