Steelhead 101 for dummies....

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jami_wa, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Haha, ya 200 yards of baking is a total must.

    You can choose two paths, the spey route or single handed. Do some research and decide on your own. Remeber it isnt all about covering water, it is about covering water effectivly.

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    That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while. Also so true. Good call!:thumb:
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    Hey James...Just so you know, Challenge is my middle name. Just thought i'd through that out there. Go ahead and send it on back if you don't like it. :rofl: :rofl:
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    Sloan- I take you mean becareful because my rod may snap? Norseman1- Thanks for the info, yeah a heavy rod would wear me out pretty quick I think.
    crobarr- clams are always sticking thier foot in thier no clue as to why they are happy Joshina-(lol) err sorry Joshina Challenge lol hey wait then why does your name have an A. in the middle??
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    It's a silent A. It also starts 3 letters in. It's really big in Europe, hard to explain.
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    Poppys clave is a bit far off, both in distance and time of year. As Jami__Wa is in the Olymoia area she should cinsidder going to SpeyBum's gig in Carnation. Every Saturday Free instructin, free use of rods and lines and a nefarious groop of regulars to keep things from getting too rational
  7. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    If you use a light rod. I knwo guys that fish summer steelies on 5wts, but they're old school.
    A clave is a good idea. The Sandy Clave is in May. They will have mostly Spey stuff, but there's usually always one-handed rods too, that can be tested on the water. They will also have some nice instruction by world famous casters.
  8. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Another myth of steelheading is that you need a couple hundred yards of backing. Think about this for a second. If a fish has most of your backing out it is well over 2 football fields away. I have been fishing for steelhead for the better part of 40 years and have never had one take anywhere near 2 hundred yards of backing. Most steelhead will take less then 100 feet.
  9. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    The fun thing about fishing for them fish with a light rod is that you will be out for fishing for trout(Searun Cutts) and will hook up with a summer run steelhead. That is when the fun begins. I have caught summer runs with small dry flies and a small rod(7'6" 4wt). I also just use a 9' 5wt in the summer and I have had no problem landing fish. I guess it is what is called experiance(sp) on catching. And I have yet had to go to my backing.

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    Steelhead ruined trout fishing for me years ago. The only trout fishing (other than SRC) that I do anymore is in BC or Alaska. My lightest rod is a 6 wt, but I usually use an 8 wt for steelhead.
  11. Josh Benjamin Member

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    10' 6wt gl4 for summer runs, one steelhead to my credit on the fly and it was about 7lbs and i saw my backing. it was on the deschutes. how about looking at a longer rod to absorb some of the fight in an attempt to not wear you out?? 10'?
    especially as a beginner, i think it would be better for the fish with a shorter fight and you might get your butt kicked on a 5wt and hurt the fish's chances for survival.
  12. crobarr New Member

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    i don't keep that amount of backing for steelhead, but rather for the chinooks i run into from time to time. 8# leader + 6 wt. + hot 30-50 lb. chinook = a long chase at times, esspecially when the fish takes off and you have to go around rocks and pools on the bank while the fish is hauling a** down the river. maybe you don't have to worry about a late run of huge chinook in dec. & jan., then deal with springers in march-june, but some of us do, and we like to be prepared for it. i fish a few rivers where you can see -strait line- 3-400 yards. i've never had over 100 yds. of backing out, but i'm ready for longer runs. i also don't have a large arbor reel on several rods and the backing helps take up room, but that's another story altogether. :cool:
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    You can catch a steelhead with a 5 weight. The problems with it are:

    1) To turn over and cast larger steelhead flies, a 5 weight will really struggle. You can do it but you are chucking and ducking a lot.

    2) Once you hook one, it's hard to put enough leverage on the fish to play it quickly.

    3) Most 5 weight reels will handle the amount of backing needed (I've never needed 200 yards of backing). However, to play the fish quickly, a good drag really helps. Most of the disc drags on 5 weight reels weren't designed for steelhead.

    Don't let not having a 7-8 weight stop you from getting started.

  14. PeteM Member

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    Also the recommendation for hiring a guide is good. You'll learn a lot quickly which helps to know you are using a good technique and in the right area of the river. There are also some local steelhead fishing schools which have 1 day classes for a given river. Dennis Dickson is an example.
  15. KerryS Ignored Member

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    I have hooked and landed large chinook and have never had one get 200 yards of backing out. I have never had any fish take anywhere near 100 yards of backing either even in the salt. By the way I use a 4 inch Bougle' MKIV for chinook. Who needs a drag?
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    to each his (or her) own. personally i'm happy being paranoid. ;)
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    Hey Jami_WA,

    I've written a few essay type articles that if stapled together would probably qualify for this thread title. Some of it's on this forum from a couple months ago. The rest is on a couple other BBs. Unfortunately, I didn't make and keep any copies.


    Salmo g.