Steelhead Bliss - beads and bobbers!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by patrick barta, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. There should be an island where people like you can be banished to. J/K.
  2. Whhoot Whhoot grab the bobber and beads Billy lets go to the Klick. I too only fish with beads! There is just something special about that bobber telling me I have a fish on.
  3. If you're referring to me, I agree. Maybe one of the allutions. A tropical island would be nice too. Sun and bonefish would be nice.

    Go Sox,
  4. I thought that there was a law on/in the books on holding wild fish out of the water. There are three different pictures of three different wild fish being held out of the water..

    You all should have your hands slapped for breaking the law.
  5. I love all kinds of fly fishing. I'm not prejudiced. But.... there's just something about dry flies or any other surface action that really gets my blood pumpin.
  6. Word. Straight up!
  7. Now that you guys have had a refresher course in handling wild fish, let me say, nice fish looks like a two day trip any of us would have loved to be on.

  8. Pat each other on the back for a great trip. The laws are the laws. I am a member of other forums and the person who started this thread would have been kabobed.

    Is it ok to handle wild fish out of the water or is it just ok for flyfishers to do it.

    I've caught hundred fishing a certain method of bait and not one was taken deep. That might suprise you but it's the truth.

    What a bunch of f'n hypocrites. Don't know that I can post here anymore because even the Moderators let it slide knowing that the intitial poster was WAy beyond legal.

    F this!
  9. Really? I thought us flyfishers held each other to a higher standard. Guess not........ It's ok as long ass we fish with the long rod. It's not about a refresher course in handling wild fish..... it's about the laws.

    Let's just say I incidentally caught a bunch of huge ling cod outsisde the new fathom law but caught them on the fly? Would that still be worth the photo op's and YEEEEHAAAAAws from the rest of you even though I'm blatantly breaking the laws?

    View life thru your small little porthole. It will only help to prove the hyprocisy.

  10. Charles Sullivan... Is it ok for a person to post a bunch of pictures of wild steelhead held out of the water in Washington when there is a law against it? The WDFW might see things differently.

    What do you think?
  11. You guys can find something wrong with just about anything. I'm sure none of you have never broken the speed limit. That's illegal to do that too. Great trip and nice photos.
  12. As much asd that river is literally raped in sure those natives were on their 3rd or 4th trip bankside with a bead rig in their face. Leave them in the water dumbshit. Thanks for contributing to the mortality of a depleting resource and making nymphers look like mongloids once again
  13. :D
  14. Bye PT. Thanks for playing...... Those who have been paying attention could have scripted the responses so far, hence Plecoptera's and Jerry's responses #1 and #2. Bead vs. swinging - who give a crap. But Patrick made two mistakes. It appears that some of the steelhead that he and Norm caught were wild fish (at least with an intact adipose fin, but photographic evidence can be deceiving) and that their connection to the aqueous environment was tenuous at best in some of the photos. If this were true, then there may be a violation of Sparkey's Law: "Though shalt not lift wild steelhead (or many other salmonids that have lived part of their lives in the ocean) entirely out of the water unless it is legal to do so and you plan to hit them over the head with a stick." [I'm a rock fan myself.] More importantly, if you were to lift one of these precious jewels from the water for a brief photo, it would seem to be injudicious to post photos on the web where hundreds, yeah thousands, of eyeballs may observe them and comment on potential lawbreaking. I suggest that the outraged rush to Patrick's house and place him under citizens arrest for his apparently heinous deeds. And I suggest that Patrick either cease and desist from lifting wild steelhead from the water, as per the law, or that he be aware enough to not post pictures of them on the web and stir up the hornets.


    P.S. looks like you had a fun trip with a good friend; this last part could have been executed better......
  15. I bet those natives did get schooled by the brats. They generally only get landed once before they meet the inside of the cooler. Those natives have all been recycled I'm willing to bet my box of gay wings. If you can't treat them with the respect those fish deserve then maybe you should stick to hiring guides. And cabezon I don't get your point?
  16. Sean, either Patrick screwed up and was informed of his error in the first few posts (and he won't do it again) or he doesn't care what you think, but I suggested that he should keep those photos of aerial steelhead to himself if only to maintain domestic peace and tranquility on the board.

  17. Great trip friend! I was on the same river with no luck a couple of weeks ago. I was only swinging flies, no indi fishing. Got in a lot of casting practice though....
    Don't let the haters get you down. They always find something.
  18. Hello Stewart DEE... you still here????????
  19. will Said alexander.... all the swinger only DREAM OF A DAY like that..........
  20. soooooo.... HOws does this BEads and bobber setup looks like.. can some one PM me some pictures????

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