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  1. Cabezon, you are an idiot. Those are wild fish, they are being held out of the water, and that is illegal in this state. The only thing that surprises me more than other people on this forum making excuses for them is that the mods would early on say they'll grab some popcorn and watch. Too bad for the double standard.

    I'm still waiting for anyone to explain how it's ok in this instance...?

    I don't care how they were caught.... shrimp, eggs, fly, etc. The only thing predictable is the response from someone like you. It's ok if we do it.... again, you are making excuses for people who blatantly broke the law and it's ok here. Any other forum and those pics would be down. WDFW actually likes photographic evidence.

    Cabezon... crawl back under that rock pile in 80' of water. You'll make good fish n chips next spring.
  2. Exactly. This river gets so much pressure (largely due to reports like this that call it out by name and say "I caught 798749837 fish!"), these wild fish that are piled up in there are getting hit in the heads with dozens of beads, day in and day out, getting caught multiple times no doubt. If you want your hero shot (and I have some from this river too), lift their tail from the net, keep their head in the water, get the shot and let it go.

    And for those who think that fly fishermen are the ultimate fish handlers; my gear/bait chucking illiterate redneck cousin refused to even touch any wild steelhead he hooks. He hooked a few on this river this fall, and would unhook them before they would touch the rocks, the net, or his hands. That's more than I can even say for myself.

    And props to Sean and PT for saying what should've been said in the first place. It has nothing to do with methods used; they could have been caught on cured roe under a thingamabobber on a spey rod for all I care. We need to hold each other in our fishing community accountable if one of us messes up. I'd expect you all to do the same to me if I did something stupid and posted about it on the interwebs.
  3. That's your advice? Pretty much sayin "go ahead and take a wild steelhead out of the water and snap some pictures, just keep 'em to yourself". :beathead:
  4. In a state where the fish are endangered. One should take better care of those fish. If your hands are dry,they will take fish scum off of the fish when handled. That scum is needed for their protection against diseases.

    I thought that when one goes fishing in Washington State that one would read the regs as to where one is fishing at. Those regs are out there to protect the fish and to help you not get into trouble.

    And PT, please calm do a little. It don't take much to set you off.
  5. Solid words of wisdom!:thumb:

    I don't respond to these threads out of anger. I just say things that others may not. If this forum wound me up I'd find something else to do. Work pisses me off enough!
  6. I know I'm late, but it will make me feel better to say it: Laws are laws - and any law the protects wild steelhead is a good law. These guys either don't know the laws, or they don't care. Neither is a valid excuse but let's hope it was the former, and that this thread has taken care of that - for them, and for any others who haven't bothered to read the regs.

  7. Maybe just my perspective, but I believe the Mod was saying be nice because of the bead thing, not the pictures of wild steel out of the water. I think this because I didn't notice the pictures at first when I read the post so I didn't even know they were wild. Is it possible that the Mod made the assumption that the fish were hatchery and didn't pull out his glasses to check closer and the nice thing was about beading and or naming a river.

    I also think that several other people said nice job because they too missed that some of the fish were wild.

    I'll agree though, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law and I do know that state enforcement uses the internet to find and either ticket or inform violators of the law. In this case it is hard to say what will end up happening. I also agree that we need to and will continue to hold each other accountable for or percieved and photo actions. I would expect to be held accountable the same way.

  8. Yep... it's all jealousy
  9. This site don't send me off either. Sometimes I get a big kick out of some of these answers. Ignorance of the regs is not a sin but when one like me used to fish quite a bit when I lived in Washington I paid good attention to them. Everybody slips up every once in a while.
  10. No it is not. My point was that they may get flamed on a gear site as well, but they will also have those who say Sparkey's law is bunk. Gear guys are divided as well. We are no different with respect to glory shots.

    On another note:

    As usual, nothing negative has been said about the way they were fishing but we'll pretend that there are a bunch of "elitists" that have said something (although nothing of the sort has happened). This always baffles me. As hard as people try to troll for the ever elusive elitist, one is rarely seen around these parts.

    Go Sox,

  11. Ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner! My computer was finally fixed late last night. So have been using my phone the last week or two. Can barely see the fish let alone see an adipose ona 3" screen.
  12. Its not an elitist thing. Just can get heated over the debate if its flyfishing or not. But yes there ARE elitists. I've met quite a few (fly AND gear). Fished with them and have worked sportsman shows with a few. But its not an elitist thing. And yes there are a few of them here. ;)
  13. A lot of peole would tell yu tha tthere is a sasquatch too. Generally, it's seen by those trying real hard to find one.

    It's become like a McCarthy era hunt for the elitist around here. The constant name calling and searching by those who need an elitist rack for the wall has become tiresome.

    Go Sox,
  14. that's a lie.. i have had days like that, swinging, on the Klickitat... it has absolutely nothing to do with jealousy..
    what it does have to do with is the dislike for the attitude some anglers have.. put it this way.. if it's a numbers game for you then i think you shouldn't be fishing for steelhead at all... if it's an ego thing you shouldn't be fishing for steelhead at all. if you have no respect for the fish then you shouldn't be steelheading.. if you do not respect other anglers you should not be steelheading.. particularly in a place like the Klick.

    here is what is really funny... Some of these guys do what they do only because it is so effective yet absolutely have to call what they do flyfishing because it is important to them to be known as fly fishermen and not only that steelhead fly fishermen and successful steelhead fly fishermen at that..

    so they get all their sense of identity out of being a successful steelhead flyfishermen and yet have the audacity to call those who point these facts out "elitists"

    I am sorry but is elite to catch a steelhead on a skater compared to a plastic bead. It is a better accomplishment. It is harder, requires more skill and more patience and more perseverance. That is the factual truth you don't have to like it or agree with it for it to be reality..

    all of that said it does not matter to me in the slightest how you get your enjoyment out of fishing. I have no problems with guys catching fish on beads or on roe for that matter ( i bait fished for steelhead yesterday)

    what i do object to is being called jealous. I am happy that people have fun on the Klickitat i am however not even the slightest bit jealous of a bead caught steelhead.. no would any one else I know...
  15. Like I said I've seen it in gear and fly. There are elitists. Elite doesn't always mean hating anything but swinging flies or doing anything outside of tossing eggs. Its a mentality. Some focus on a singular technique and some are all about where the fish and whom they fish with (name drop famous people when they speak of fishing). There's a difference between having an elitist attitude and being an elitist. And again yes I've met them. Equal share in both gear and fly.
  16. BTW I don't fish beads. I mostly swing flies. So I don't call anyone elitist for their views on beads. ;)
  17. Keep on your search then. I made my point, and I'm correct.

    Maybe I'll start a search for panty bunchers. They are real too.

    Go Sox,
  18. wtf is a panty buncher??
  19. LOL Charles you make me laugh. I needed it today ;)

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