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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by patrick barta, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Dustin It would finially be a dead horse if everyone would just agree with me and be right :)
  2. I don't know Charles. Some of those posts on the whole nymph vs swing get kinda ridiculous. I think Jerry's right on two counts.

    1. I think for some, elitist is a state of mind and not how you fish.
    2. Dude, you make me laugh too. In a good way.
  3. Feel free to plagiarize (I did; if I knew who said it, I'd thank her/him for their honesty . . . ) . . .

    "If you all can't be reasonable, let's at least do things my way." On a positive note: fish however you want, however you enjoy doing it as long as that is both ethical & legal. No one is reponsible for making you happy but you. That being said, folks . . . thanks for the entertainment while I've spent the last couple days recovering from the punies . . . "flychology 101." Wonder if Isaak Walton saw this coming?
  4. Charles, look for elitists as much as you'd like. I'm a fisherman, whether it's a bug rod or baitcaster, my point is only that it's illegal to hold wild steelhead out of the water, people were congratulating the fishers, and the blatant disregard for the laws were obvious. If you look at the pictures there is not one of them that has just the fish in the picture. For my friends and I it's about the fish.... Seeing our ugly mugs gloating over a 6# wild fish takes away from the beauty of a 6# wild fish. Every picture has the angler showing his prize to the internet.

    As far as being an elitist..... There is nothing worse than a Yankee fan.. Except a Sox fan. All your team has done for decades is lick the cinnamon ring.
  5. Patrick Barta, what do you think?

    I'm out.

    Caught my two brats at the Ben Howard launch today and called it a good day. Ma n Pa will enjoy fresh fish for a couple days. Sorry, no pics.
  6. Come on now. The sox have won 2 titles recently '04 and '07. It's a well run franchise now. it certainly wasn't for much of my life.

    As far as photo.'s go, if we ever meet, let me tell you the story of the fishermen and their photo.'s from BC. You've seen the photo.'s. They are impressive, but I agree with you that the photo.'s turn some people crazy. The whole photo thing can be a huge turn off.

    Go Sox,
  7. The handling of fish to be released, not just steelhead, is really quite pathetic!! Just check out all the thumb nail photos with fish being sqeezed and held up for a photo op and how many are with gloved hands no less!!

    If it is going to be released keep it in the water, remove the hook and let it go!!!

    If you want a pic then take your pic of the fish in the water! Handling any fish harms it.
    If you are retaining the fish I don't care how you handle it for your glory shot.

    Here is something to think about. There are some darn good fisher folks on this forum and how often do you see them posting a pic of a fish in hand out of the water?

    Maybe it is a right of passage and eventually the novelty wears off and proof is not required. The picture is firmly imbedded in the persons grey matter and no longer feel a need to prove their own abilities to others. That individual has moved up the ladder of experience and and feels no compulsion to prove their abilities to others.

    Sure I take some pics occasionally of an especially notable fish. But you will NEVER see me posting them anywhere. That is a memory of signifiance importance and that I won't share! To do so would cheapen the event.

  8. I'm never one to pull the whole grammar police thing online... But the plural of photo is photos. Not photo.'s
  9. :rofl:

    Hey! Now you're cross'n the line bud! Let the record show.....there's still nothing worse than a Yankees fan.
  10. thanks for the report, the klick can produce at the right times.
    don't worry about being attacked over your post, I've been chastised for posting a fishing report from the klick as well, it's mainly from those that don't have much success. obviously most of their lines are cast with a keyboard not a rod.
    they know who they are.
  11. Can I get an Amen. AMEN!!!!!
    Now Now, let's everybody get along. KEEP WILD FISH IN THE WATER!! Harvest your hatchery fish.
    Nothing stirs the passion like steelhead.
  12. It really isn't the law that upsets me. A responsible angler can safely renove a fish from the water for a few seconds I've done it. I bet we ve all done it. I just plain feel bad for those klickitat natives! The river is small in those upper floats with very distinct buckets that pile with fish. Perfect bobber water. What happens when guys are running dozens of boats run dozens of drifts through the same buckets all day? When the water clears upand everyone drops down to 8lb tippet? What happens when those same precious natives that pull people from all corners of the state get caught and photographed over and over? The methow abd snatch had bad internet buzz all season and put more noobs with bobbers ans beads on the little ol klick. I feel bad for those fish. Well done holmes. You got some fish. Just treat them with some more respect than a chest pound and some out of the water photos
  13. Rob, for once I agree with you.

    I didn't really say that.
  14. Lets fight after school in the playground.
  15. I once caught a native and it jumped out of the water like four I in trouble?
  16. :beathead:
  17. Well said!! Time for bed. goodnight!
  18. I have no problem with guys using the bead and bobber method (and it is deadly on the Klick this time of year) but I can't imagine a more inefficient way to fish. It would be infinitely easier to fish the B & B with a spinning rod or bait caster and probably just as much fun. The main purpose of fly fishing is to use the line to get your fly out there. The B & B method renders the actual act of fly casting irrelevant IMHO. And no, bobber/nymph for trout isn't the same because it would be pretty tough to cast a much smaller trout set up on conventional gear. I just couldn't stand casting that set up all day, but that's just me, because I actually enjoy the art of fly casting.

  19. Lets see, I've been called an idiot, a dumb-shit, a mongoloid and possibly a few other things so far.

    After reading some of these response you'd think I was an axe murderer. I can assure you I'm a moral upstanding citizen. I fish the Yak often and even consider myself a steward of the river. I pick up trash (even if it's not clean up day) give bank anglers or other floaters a wide birth and don't snake there water. I say hello to everyone even though I often don't receive a response. I may speed often on the highway but I only stay in the left lane to pass!

    Sorry, I don't know Sparkey and I didn't know he had his own law. This was only my second steelhead only trip. I realize ignorance is no excuse so for that I also apologize. I can assure you those fish were landed quickly and with the exception of the 5 seconds they were in the air for our photos were in the water as much as possible and left our loving wet hands with strength and vigor. I too love my fish and respect them. I feel it does them more harm to overplay and exhaust them then to remove them from the water for a moment. Does anyone really know what the mortality rate is for released fish?? I don't think so. Of course the less they're handled the better, but as far as I'm concerned, overplaying a fish does more harm than being out of the water for a few moments.

    As for the photos... I don't take them with the intent to gloat to others. For me it's about the memories. When I have a photo of myself or a friend with a prized catch in the location it was caught and view it years later I'm able to recount the event. I remember the day, the take, the fight, the people I was with, that's what's special to me.

    Rest assured... I will never post a picture of a wild steelhead with it's head out of the water on this board again... that's not to say one doesn't exist.
  20. Just an fyi for you.

    There have been a number of studies on catch and release mortality. If I remember correctly one done in Canada seems to address the issue the best. Do a search for catch and release mortality rates and you should be able to find several. The studies put the mortality rate somewhere between 2% and I think about 8% depending on which study you are reading. I assume most of us could agree that their is some mortality associated with catch and release fishing.

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