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  1. Yep, lots of published CnR mortality studies out there. There are fewer studies on sub-lethal effects, but they shouldn't be ignored. Such as, what kind of effect does getting CnR'd every few weeks for six months have on a steelhead that's no longer metabolizing food to any great extent once it's on or near the spawning grounds? It doesn't seem unlikely to me that a fish subjected to these kinds of conditions might be less vigorous when it comes time to spawn, which could mean diminished spawning success.
  2. That was probably my hook. That pisses me off.
  3. Riddle me this? So is it illegal for steelhead to jump out of the water numerous times during a fight? Or just randomly leap out of the water on their journey up river? Mabye the fish and game should give write tickets to excitable, leaping steelhead? regarding taking wild steelhead out of the water for a picture.
  4. This law is to help minimize unnecessary excess handling, and improper handling. It doesn't hurt a fish to leave the water for a brief second as long as their gills are wet. But I've seen so many times, wild fish netted into a boat, pulled off the deck, land lifted for upwards of a minute for a dozen photos. That's what this law is attempting to prevent. And we as responsible anglers should be doing our part to follow this and set an example. Especially when sharing these photos with the public. We as viewers don't know how long that fish was out of the water or how it was handled to get to that point.
  5. OMG can you believe this, you better get on a letter writing campaign this is way out of control,

  6. Notice the big satisfied smile on that bucks face?
  7. So they brought a wild fish out of the water. Definitely wrong, but seriously, some of you need to be taking medicine or go exercise a bit more.
    I know I brought wild fish out on occasion when new to steelheading, but not anymore. To be honest, I think I've handled a few fish worse while trying to get an in-the-water shot that actually does it justice than if I'd just picked it up for a shot.

    I know this doesn't mean shit to some of you sticklers, but I think its worth pointing out what is RIGHT about their pictures.
    I have to give them credit that all those fish are dripping. And from the looks of the net always at their feet (a rubberized, and appropriately sized net), I'd like to think they had a fish in the net, cradled, and lifted it only briefly for a shot. Shit, some of you dont even have a net when you fish, or like me, have one that is too small. Mine is cloth-mesh, legal, but not as good as rubber.
    If the only thing they did wrong is lift a fish out for a second, I honestly believe these fish were better off than if they'd been landed by me without a good net.

    I'm not arguing that it was ok, but that these guys seem to be trying to take care, so it seems a simple reminder would do more good than treating them like shit. I know that if I was undecided or uninformed about keeping wilds in the water, I'd be a hell of a lot less likely to agree with or take advice from someone that treats me like shit.
    If your goal is to be an asshole because you think they deserve it, then go for it. But if you are actually concerned about the fish, then bashing them is a waste.
  8. April knows how to handle steel:)
  9. I personally think that a tired fish in the shallows not thrashing around is better than a fish too quickly landed and then try to handle the thrashing fish for picture and or release...

    a LONG fight for a steelhead is 8 minutes if you have a steelhead longer than that, even large ones you need to give some thought to how you fight the fish..

    this fall I landed a 15 lb buck on the Kispiox took about 5-6 minutes to land on an 8wt spey rod and 12 lb tippet. the fish was brought into water where it turned on it's side and laid there still, no flopping at all the hook was removed and he was steered by the tail to the deeper water and he slowly but strongly swam off..

    when the fish is running it should be running against as much drag as your tippet will stand and when he isn't running you should be pulling on him with the same force.. as much like a bassmaster as your tackle will allow. and you should be using tackle that will allow it...

    if you are using rods smaller than 6 wt it's too small if you are using tippet measured in X's it's too light 8 lb maxima MINIMUM even for small fish and even if it won't let your fly sink fast enough.

    I tried some 10lb saltwater grade flurocarbon last winter and caught one fish on it a 12 lb buck that took 20 minutes i believe it was rated at 1x and it was too light for safe steelhead use.

    strong tippets and strong rods allow you to get a fish landed quickly and released unharmed.. you don't so much want the fish tire as you want them resigned to giving up your fight against them needs to be brutal you need to make the fish give up not tire them out

    at least that's my take on it
  10. Thank you for removing the two hatchery fish from the system, as intended. I think that photo with the two hatchery fish tails side by side is very nice. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable trip with your friend and for that I'll congratulate you. No need for me to say anything else.
  11. I know what the law is designed for, just trying to make a point. If you land the fish in a resonable amount of time and you deem that the fish is not over played I think it is totally acceptable to take one mabye two quick pictures. And no reason to chastize a guy that was posting what a great time he had. What I find even more ironic, what if he went on a trout trip had a great time and posted a bunch of pics of wild cutts or perhaps a bull trout (which I've seen many posts on here with bull trout out of the water which is just as illegial), would you guys raz him just the same? Highly doubt it. I would be more inclined to give a guy crap if he had his fingers deep in its gills or mabye obviously doing something like laying it on the bank in the rocks to flop around to get a pic. And yes you have a point we don't know how it was handled, but RELAX and give the guy a break sounds like he had a great time.
  12. rainbow trout exersized then held out of the water for 5 seconds had low mortality but mortality increases rapidly when held out longer than 5 seconds
  13. This is absolutely correct. In fact, the next time I feel like disregarding a law because I know I'm above it, I will just do so. I think it is totally acceptable. Doesn't really matter what the law is, there is the well known "if you know better you can just disregard it" clause. I think it's on page 3 of the regs.

    And yes, people absolutely get thrashed for how they handle wild trout.

    Could the response to the OP have been a little kinder? Absolutely. Was the OP responsible for knowing and then following the law? Absolutely. (And that doesn't even touch on the posting aspect.) You make your bed and then you get to sleep in it.
  14. After seeing that video I feel a whole lot better about myself.

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