Steelhead Blues

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  1. *Cue slow strummin' twangy guitar sound*

    Been bored, been bored,
    Got the steelhead blues.
    Been bored, been bored,
    Got the steelhead blues.

    Rivers all closed so the
    Chromers can roost
    and I been bored
    Got the steelhead blues….

    I caught a trout,
    I caught pike,
    I caught a bass,
    It was nice…

    But there’s nothing like
    That sudden tug,
    The adrenaline,
    Some kind of drunk.

    Been bored, been bored,
    Got the steelhead blues.
    Been bored, been bored,
    Got the steelhead blues......

    You all know what I mean?

    Dang it is quiet around here these days…….I’ll see you all June 1st :)
  2. Blues my ass, try major clinical depression....... I have to wait til' September. bawling:
  3. I have several trips in june planned... I miss my steelhead.
  4. My baby dun gone left me,
    burned up my good shoes,
    snapped my fishin' poles
    i got the steelhead blues

    My baby dun gone left me,
    drunk up all my booze,
    stole all my money,
    I got them steelhead blues

    my baby dun gone left me
    got nothing to lose,
    took my houn-dog
    I got them steelhead blues
  5. A poem by ee cummings may do it justice. Its clearly about steelhead, see the line with chrome and cobalt.

    my mind is
    a big hunk of irrevocable nothing which touch and
    taste and smell and hearing and sight keep hitting and
    chipping with sharp fatal tools
    in an agony of sensual chisels i perform squirms of
    chrome and execute strides of cobalt
    nevertheless i
    feel that i cleverly am being altered that i slightly am
    becoming something a little different, in fact
    Hereupon helpless i utter lilac shrieks and scarlet

    Myself and the weakening spawning steelhead are akin in the last line. I'm trying not to let it get to me to bad right now and have been really hitting the bass and carp hard, trout will open soon, but sometime this summer I will get thrashed. Heart heavy, the 7wt will be strung up, maxima re-spooled, and the chase commenced.
  6. What a freaking great poem. Thanks Zen!

    However, I think that poem is about sex, drug use, and our feeble attempts to make our lives more our own. Probably not steelhead.

    Anyway, "eet don matta mang cuz ITS ALL GOOD!" :cool:
  7. Great posts guys, when did this turn into a hiku forum...Ha Ha!!
  8. Au contraire, mon ami- The drug use portrayed in the poem could be argued as a synecdoche for steelhead, embodying the steelheading experence as a whole. We are always striving to catch that perfect, wild, unatainable beast, wishing it make it our own.

    Put that in your bong and hit it.
  9. Not a single hiku on hear yet and that pick of your so called wife just made me barf in my mouth......thanks a lot :rolleyes:
  10. Your very welcome!!! Don't worry I can hook you up with her twin sister, since it beats pretending....But hey Capitol Hill does have great restaraunts......:thumb:
  11. Poorly formed Haiku's coming up! Yeah some are off by a syllable or two but who really cares.

    I bought a spey rod
    With an S.A. skagit head
    Needs to see water

    Summer Steelhead wait
    For opening day to come
    June 1st Where are you.......

    Opening day comes
    Reiter Pond Crowd Sucks
    Escape the throng

    Found new spot
    Not so many people here
    Fishing this run now
  12. My name is obiwankanobi, but I ain't a real Jedi,
    T&T 1509, locked and loaded, on point and on the redi,

    I double spey, like my rod is another body part,
    My line in the air, paints a unique kind of art,

    Chasing dem steelies, all over the West Coast,
    Representing a long ledgend of speyfishermen, but I do not boast,

    Nothing beats a long day, by sippin on the scotch liquor,
    Makes the nights seem fast and the mornings come a little quicker,

    Fly fishing is life and represents who I is,
    But don't worry, I still save time for all the womenz...

    "OK, well it isn't a blues song, but hey its a new single off my album "Mo Steelies, Mo Problems" in stores now......word":cool:

  13. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *No Lmit*
  14. Obi, that is a great poem/rap song!! You are on your way to being the next rap legend. Besides we as fly fisherman need someone to represent!! Ha!! word to ya mother:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  15. OK. Here's my contribution for bluesthatmakeyoupuke.

    "Well, my baby walked out last night
    as I was tying on a leader.

    Made a parting comment
    about how I didn't cloth and feed her

    Well baby, you know. Sage's don't grow on trees.
    Somebody hep me.... hep me.... hep me... hep with this disease

    'cause I'm tied up in a tailwater tangle
    and I just gotta fish that pool. Oh yeah.

    Tied up in a tailwater tangle.
    Got me acting like a fool.

    Somebody hep me, hep me, hep me puleeeeeese."

    Ring. Ring. "Hello? Muddy? Muddy? Oh... this is the answering service? Yes... I'll hold."
  16. Hows this:

    Got an 18 pounder yesterday
    along with 7 others
    if ya can't be bothered to get out
    than go f**K yer muthers

    Luv ya
    gotta go
  17. Yo, I think Uncle Jimmy is tryin to tell ya that you don't have to wait til June 1 for that steely fix. Quillayute, Sol Duc and Hoh are open and have fish in them, according to reports and rumors.
    Quit yer rhymin simon and head to the O.P.

    And thanks Zen for that e.e.cummings...I envisioned a chrome steelhead squirming into the stratosphere, then tailwalking across the pool as the first rays of morning sunlight are peering over the ridge. And it may be about the slow sculpture of becoming more like our quarry, the more we persue it... until we realize that it and we are one...(or not, but that was one impression). :cool:

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