Steelhead Catch & Release Seasons Closed

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Rialto, Feb 15, 2004.

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    FYI - WDFW has fully or partially closed the steelhead catch and release season this spring on the Sky, NF Stilly, Skagit, and other Puget Sound rivers. There was an article about it in the Sunday Seattle Times. Below is a link to the WDFW press releases.
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    Location: Skykomish River from its mouth (Burlington Northern Railroad Bridges near Hwy. 529) to the Sultan River. This is taken off the wdfw web site. Does this mean it's OK to fish above Sultan? My partner and I floated from High Bridge to Sultan for the first time today and even though the action was non-existant we had a blast!
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    From the way I am reading it the entire river east of Sultan (The Sultan River) will be shut down, so that means get your fishing in before March 1!!! I am actually floating High Bridge to Sultan tomorrow and hope I have better luck! The float is awesome though and fish or no fish is a great day on the water.

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    The whole river,Skykomish,closes at the end of the month along with the whole Stilly system and half of the Skagit. But the Sauk is open from the mouth to the Bridge in Darrington. And the Skagit from the bridge at Concrete to Bacon creek. SO not all is lost. Now if you all had some good maps?????????????????????


    I just reread the closer on the WDFW site and it is written about as clear as a mud puddle. The Sky ends just below Monroe and becomes the Snohomish river. And that is also closed down to the railroad bridge at the mouth. But it also lists a phone No. to call. I would call that number just to make things clear as I wouldn't want anybody to get a ticket fishing out of season. I also reread the regs and if the CnR season was open it would only be to the mouth of the Sultan. It all closes at the end of the month. The entire river.

    For youse of you that don't know 529 is old 99. At least that is the way I call it.
  5. You know - maybe it's not a bad idea to shut down
    all the rivers from March 1st thru May 1st to give
    all the nates everywhere more time to do their
    thing - we can all always hit some of the lakes and
    upper rivers that don't have Steelies for trout,
    white fish etc. I know there is some rivers down
    here that could use the break also (Kalama, East
    Fork Lewis, Coweeman etc.) Maybe some of them already
    are - need to go check the regs. :thumb
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    Mike, I'm just trying to find out for sure where it's going to be closed. I've got relatives coming into town and they might need to change some of their plans. Hwy. 529 is Broadway in Everett where it crosses over the Snohomish River. The release says it's closed from that point to the Sultan River. Either way if I have to float it without rod in hand, so be it!
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    Mike! Check your PM. :)

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    The only part of the Snohomish system that was going to be open for steelhead catch and release (as per the published regs) after the end of February was the Skykomish from its mouth to the Sultan River. The emergency closure shuts down steelhead fishing on the whole system. It looks like WDFW goofed in the press release for the Skykomish closure in that they gave the definition for the mouth of the Snohomish as the mouth of the Skykomish.