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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Will Atlas, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. ok guys I give up. no more secrets. I'm gonna spill the beans on how I catch all my steelhead. Since the in thing is telling everything you know about catching fish.... here it is, hurry and get yours while supplies last

    I found out about it on Dennis Dickson's website so its gotta be legit right? I cant wait to try it during the skagit catch and release season!
  2. I wonder why he has so many ads for other fishing guides and techniques?
  3. Reminds me of the ads I see from the pharmaceutical industry. It'll cure all that ails you........

  4. Didn't see homo sapiens listed in the types of fish it will catch.
    But hey, get it and your in my boat!
  5. When you order the "evening secret" you also recieve a tack hammer with instructions to swing hammer directly upon your mellon, that is the evening secret. Any one who needs a weapon for catching fish that is banned in two states is an idiot or an asshole, period end quote.
  6. FYI - I googled this guy (Dan Eggersten). Turns out he's a scam artist.
    Who'd a thunk it.
  7. So according to that website it is banned in two states, but "In all of the other 47 states this amazing fishing discovery is completely legal." Now I am no expert of geography or U.S. history, but the last time I checked there were 50 states.

  8. Ben, Post a reference to him being a Scam Artist.

    Dan Eggertsen

    is how you spell his name.


  9. TFG - Honestly, I didn't find one that states that specifically.
    I found some sites, like a couple that cater to seniors & retired folks activities. I scanned the chat lines and read his entries. Commonly he seems to befriend with friendly suggestions of things to take fishing and, oh by the way, don't forget the "fishing secret". He is clearly trying to spread this around as much as possible seems to be targeting subjects. Pretty classic stuff.
    Maybe I'm overly suspicious and shouldn't suggest something I'm not sure of however, if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish. etc. etc.
  10. Where does it say it will catch Steelhead in that add:hmmm:
  11. whoatherebigfella..........reelfast needs this onboard. all i have are those unpredictable electric downriggers. christmas is coming, who is going to step up and buy one for reelfast. why i'll even throw in a trip so you can see your gift in action. comeon now..................
  12. Where exactly on Dennis Dickson's site did you find it? I can't find it there.
  13. dicksons site now features goolge adds, which are filtered by genre, so anynumber of adds could be up at a time. I found it when laughing to myself that there were actually adds for other guide services on his site.
  14. I saw this add a year ago and it had a set time frame for the pricing just like this add, get em while they last, the sale might be over in 2009!
  15. so he is an asshole, just as I suspected.
  16. This brings back memories of the "Flying Lure" infomercial ..."trigger the genetic response"...
  17. yup. I strap one to my downstream leg at all times while swinging. I've found it triples my catches from zero to....well zero.

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