Steelhead Caviar... here we go again!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Burck, Aug 19, 2010.

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    This may be a bad idea and one that could develop the wrong form of dependency: what if special license fee for steelheading on the OP or select rivers on the OP and the money was used to pay the tribe not to gill net/harvest steelhead. In essence, compensate for their harvest right. Use the subsidy to ween the rivers off of hatcheries. Perhaps the rivers would become healthy with time to be a true destination fishing location and everyone (even a few idiots in Forks government) will $ee the benefit of protecting and profiting from a world class sports fishery. What if the project was small, one river, to show what proper management could achieve? Develop a showcase river that no one can ignore.

    I agree that hitting the problem in all directions is a good idea. I will send an e-mail to try to get pacific steelhead on list.

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    recieved a nice note from chef tom telling me they made a mistake with the steelhead parts and have removed them from the menu.

    remember, one battle at a time...............
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    Thanks for the update! Glad we're making at least some kind of impact!
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    General public opinion is huge in all retail business, the accomplishments of recent in the field of selective harvest, is a big accomplishment toward true management for salmon and steelhead species. Thanks GT for having the resources to make a difference, not to change subject but have you any thought how to go about promoting Dedicated funding for the WDFD instead of all the $ entering the general fund?
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    i don't think the funding is the primary issue brazda. what it comes down to is a culture of commissioners landing on the side of overharvest by the commercials backed up by voodoo statistics from the staff. two intertwined problems that have no clear solution save 'we the people' stepping up with iniatitives, one after the other, which basically take the power out of their hands by slamming doors that can't be reopened.

    if someone has a better idea, i am all ears.
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    Its all public opinion. Right now steelhead are less important than tribes. Pissing off fly fisherman? Big deal. Pissing off, and seeming unsympathetic to Indian issues? You're out of office.

    It's all politics folks. You just have to make the steelhead issue more important in terms of an election issue and something will be done about it. The loudest wheel gets the attention.

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    So true,,but secondary issue, it would be helpfull to have a more sophisticated WDFW, politicians and the public might see the light if the sate actually new (or at least admitted) how much revenue was generated by wldlife participants ,,,, I jumped subjects there when i seen your tallents and will talk some other day about it.
  8. Evan Burck

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    Very true. What needs to happen from our end is pointing out the economic benefits of healthy sport fisheries with the salmon and steelhead runs. The general public won't give two shits about a fish that they will most likely never see in their lives. But people care about money, and a healthy economy. And thankfully, sportfishers tend to help local economies quite a bit.