Steelhead/Chinook-Prince Rupert, BC-Mid July

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    Im going to be in Prince Rupert July 14th for a undetermined time. Could be a week or a month. Looking for some DIY tips for the area. I won't have a car or much money but I could rent one and possibly scrape up enough cash for a guide for the day (preferably one that could take me into walk in spots I could fish on my own latter) Need to know where would be the best place to concentrate my effort for this time of year. Anyone planing trips up there around this time and has a extra seat in their boat or car would be awesome too! Im a accomplished angler and don't need to be guided, just need to get to where the fish are! Very experienced on the sticks and I don't smell funny or talk too much. Is there a chance of finding steelhead this early or is it primarily a chinook game? Any tips are much appreciated.

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    Your odds of finding a steelhead in the July timeframe are not great...there will be a few early fish blasting through the Skeena to reach the upper tributaries...but not many. Once August comes around you will have a better shot at legitimately finding steelhead on the mainstem; although the earliest I've gotten into steelhead around Terrace on the mainstem has been the 3rd week of August. The lodges around Terrace start booking mainstem steelhead trips in the middle of August and they do find fish pretty frequently. Chinook should be around in decent numbers, but I can't give you too much info on that as I haven't tried it.

    Not sure how many guides you'll find willing to do day trips there (for exactly the reason you mention...looking for the guide's spots so you can fish them afterwards). I realize it's part of the game...but most of the steelhead guys are looking for at least a 3 day booking. You might find it easier with the Chinook guides running sleds on the mainstem as they figure you won't be able to get back into their spots again if you lack a boat.

    There is a shop in Terrace called Fish Tales that might be able to provide you some more direction.
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    A quick FYI...the Department of Fisheries and Oceans conducts a sockeye gill net test fishery near the mouth of the Skeena. They also catch steelhead in the nets, which is used by the regional bios to serve as the basis for judging the Skeena steelhead run each year (they use a multiplier on the total but I can't remember what the figure is). It looks like they pulled in a steelhead or two there are fish in the Skeena when you'll be around, just not many and the river conditions might not be conducive to swinging flies.