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  1. Another leak in the dikes?
    But wait! Things just got better! See update below.:thumb:

    No hammer required.

    12/19/08 UPDATED NOTE!!! The following topic has been resolved in a truly remarkable way. As you read through this series of responses please take note that Chef Tony of Visions Bethesda Restaurant and Jim Chambers of Prime Seafood have both responded to our concerns over the status of wild steelhead here in Washington, and both men have announced that they will no longer be offering these fish on the menue. Through the process of this topic you will see that sometimes things are not quite what they seem. These men are to be commended! KUDOS!!!:thumb:
  2. I especially love this line, "These are the only wild steelhead available anywhere in the U.S. and since we buy most of the fish the Indians catch, we are providing local restaurants with a very exclusive item."

    Sounds exclusive!? World class maybe!?

    Things that make you go HHHHHMMMMMMM
  3. I got the ball rolling. Might as well post as many comments on the blog as possible

  4. where's their blog?
  5. WTF!!!!! who's comming with me...D.C. huh? Road trip! Just think about it ...whuppin' up on some political yuppies and maybe finding some hot chicks that are tired of their regular f@!$#ing pussy biatch boyfriends from the east ....I'm in!
  6. jerk offs removed my comment
  7. i'm in. I think some of those guys need to get bonked. Thank you Bob.
  8. Haha, lets do it!!!!
  9. For reals. The article was written by a supposed "conversationalist," too. Maybe he should go up to the Quinault to see the conservative netting practices of the tribes.

  10. whats his e-mail
  11. Get that motha f@%ker! Really! this shit amazes me! I just don't get it :mad:
  12. "Jim Chambers, owner of Prime Seafood of Washington, D.C, Atlanta and Savannah, is an ecologist with 35 years of experience in the conservation and management of marine fisheries, nationally and internationally. He's also a capitalist <expletive removed>."
  13. You can do as I did and e-mail them directly through their home page. Politely for now asking them to educate themselves on the plight of our wild Steelhead. Then salt in a few facts. Save the nastie for later or.........

    Thanks for the post
  14. I gave him a piece of my mind. Mutha F**ka
  15. This is F*&KING unreal!!! I'm sending a shit storm his way...
  16. :eek::beathead::rofl::hmmm:
  17. I emailed the chef directly at

    I'd encourage others to do the same.

    Scary thing is that this must mean the tribes are marketing their wild catch all over the country. Do you think this DC restaurant's contacted them? More likey they are cold calling restaurants all over the country trying to off load their 'product'. Wonder how many more are serving wild steelhead.

    edit: I just figured out (I'm slow, I know) that the Jim Chambers guy is the one peddling the fish and the one with the connection to the tribe - looks like he's the real problem child.
  18. My letter:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    As an avid fly angler and wild steelhead conservationist, I am appalled at the idea that a group such as yours whose mission is to :

    "To harness market forces around the globe in support of ocean conservation."
    would consider the state of wild steelhead as sustainable or would even consider buying and selling gill netted wild steelhead to restaurants. As you should be aware, a vast number of steelhead populations in the Pacific Northwest are considered endangered and on the brink of extinction. These populations have been reduced to a fraction of their once historical numbers by over harvest, habitat degradation, poor hatchery practices, construction of impassable barriers to migration, and misguided management strategies. Netting of wild fish by indian tribes has also contributed to the decline of wild steelhead populations. Any practice that encourages the killing of wild steelhead, espeacially by a so called conservational organization such as yours, including the purchase of wild steelhead from the tribes to distribute to restaurants, is fundamentally hipocritical and disturbing. Evidence to the contrary, provided on this blog, indicates that Seaweb disagrees with this statement, and that you obviously believes that the wild steelhead populations from the olympic peninsula rivers are not under duress. I hope your group will do more dilligence on the matter and reconsider this practice. If you need to find resources or data please contact the Wild Steelhead Coalition or the Costal Conservancy Association ( or as they would probably be more than happy provide these items.


    Eric Tarcha
    Eric J. Tarcha, Ph.D.
    Principal Scientist,
    Preclinical Development
    Kineta Inc.
    307 Westlake Ave. North, Suite 200
    Seattle, WA 98109
    (206)378-0400 ex.104

    I sent this to:,, (I think this guy is the director of the organization)

    and I copied the CCAPNW and WSC too. Hopefully this will spark something.

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