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  1. Bob Triggs, great initiative :thumb:
  2. UPDATE SUN 12/28

    For some reason I am unable to get the link to work.

    But if you go back to the first page of this topic and click on Chef Tony's Visions Bethesda restaurant blog link there, you will see that there is a new article just posted entitled :

    " Heard the buzz round the world on steelhead."

    When you get done reading that article I hope you will all take a moment to sincerely thank Jim Chambers at Prime Seafood and Chef Tony at Visions Bethesda for doing the right thing.

    And while you are it, why dont we all drop site member and WSC representative Todd Ripley a huge thank you for speaking truth to power.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Bob...I went out to the east coast, went to Tony's restaurant, and had a very nice conversation with him over a very nice meal.

    As you've seen from the above links, not only is Tony not going to serve wild steelhead in his restaurant, but he's convinced Jim Chambers of Prime Seafood, his supplier, to not sell buy or sell them at all, either...and both Jim and Tony were very open to having a conversation about it, they read the stuff in the links that we all sent them, and they changed their respective policies regarding brokering in wild steelhead voluntarily...and easily, too, I might add.

    The power of the internet...who woulda thunk it?

    Tony has a seat in my boat when he does head out this way...hopefully I can get him hooked up and he can have the satisfying experience of watching a fully finned ghost swim back to the depths after a good battle!

    Thanks to all of you for your calls and emails, both to me, the WSC, and to Tony and Jim...they did all the work.

    Check here:

    Here's a pic that the hostess took of me and Chef Tony :)


    I'd like to request that we all use the same zeal we used in convincing them to not sell wild steelhead to go back and make new comments on this blog entry thanking them for being open to communicating about it and changing their policies...don't leave 'em hanging after the good thing they've done!

    Fish on...

  4. iagree
  5. I am new to steelheading. can anyone tell me a good place to go that is near the Tacoma Area?
  6. The Cowlitz boasts more steelhead than most rivers. A search will show that there is a list of the top 25 steelhead rivers in Washington. I personally don't care for the crowds at the Cowlitz, but the number of fish caught there and the number of locations that can be fished certainly is to be considered.

    This site has an awesome search feature, and if you've been lurking here long you'll already know you can't come in with a couple of posts and really expect the mother lode of information to be handed over in mass. Tinker with the search engine here and you will find a ton of great information, so much that it will take you weeks to months to review it all. Best of luck.
  7. The BLOG appears to be broken. I can't post a comment. PM me if you have an email address to send my thanks to.
  8. Todd,

    As a WSC representative, could you weigh in on what could be done locally about the sales of wild steelhead in grocery stores and Pike Place Market? There is another ongoing thread that is turning into a discussion on laws and netting etc etc, but I find it hard to believe that we as steelhead conservationist community can't do something in our own backyard to reduce this practice. Thanks for any input.

  9. Eric, I responded to your PM, and gave you my email, as well.

    Thanks for the note!

    Fish on...

  10. Thanks Todd,

    you are doing great work!
  11. Truley amazing guys, good job. There is hope and what just took place is a sign to all that our voice (as small as it seems) can be heard very loudly if projected through the right channels. WFF rocks. We definetly have a voice in all this we just have to make it heard. Thank you to everyone who said their piece. :thumb: :beer1:

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