Steelhead Dreamin'

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by David Dalan, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Been dreaming of steelhead, as usual. Some recent patterns with sea run trouts in mind. Kind of a "hobo-highlander" and such. If all goes well this weekend, a certain glacial fed river will get probed by these. :D

    2014-06-25 20.17.31.jpg 2014-06-25 20.16.56.jpg 2014-06-25 20.16.43.jpg 2014-06-25 20.16.03.jpg
  2. Also...I bough a Thunder and Lightning (tied by the Anadromy crew) from Rolf a week or so ago, and it was a real inspiration for adapting some classic color combos to shank flies.
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  3. Nice ties!
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  4. those are sweet especially that last one
  5. Thanks!
  6. id hit that
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  7. Every one of them would pull fish :) Fishy looking bunch!!
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  8. What head cement, and size hooks are you using on those?
  9. secrets! Trailer hook is a #4 Owner Octopus. Shanks are 20mm Senyo shanks in copper. Head cement is Zap-A-Gap (super glue).

    I saw a Greg Senyo vid where he said he used superglue, and I tried it...and loved it.
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  10. 2nd and 4th flies are on longer (40mm?) but everything else is the same.
  11. Do you apply a thinner to the zap-a-gap?
  12. Nope, just paint it on the head using a needle.
  13. You sir are my hero. Been using hard as hull, but it is not giving me the results that I want.
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  14. All of the head cements seem to perform poorly, even with multiple applications. Sooner or later, it looks like broken glass and starts flaking off. So far that has not happened with superglue.
  15. Very nice flies. What are you using for the trailer loop?
  16. Braided line.
  17. very nice
  18. Great looking flies David !!! Nice color combos and I think should fish very well, they have that look !!! Hope to see one of these in the jaw of a nice fish.

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