Steelhead endangered?

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  1. I just got home from work and my wife told me the FFFeds put Steelhead on the endangered species list today. They said the returns were to low. Has anyone heard this and what does it mean to us??
    Do they consider that the runs were later than norm??
  2. This years run is not why the steelhead were put under review for placement on the list. They would be listed as threatend rather than endangered, and this is still open for comment until June 27. If you have been watching the runs of WILD fish through the years they have gone downhill, this is why the steelhead has been proposed for placement as "threatend".

  3. I just looked on the Seattle PI website, it says that the proposal will be reaserched until this time next year and then it will be decided if it will be listed on the endangered species list.
  4. The Steelhead runs have been getting smaller each year for the last 5 years. Even the hatchery stock has dwindled down. I'm suprised that they waited this long to do what they are doing now.:(

  5. is this really any shock to anyone. I am shocked it did not happen along time
  6. Steelhead runs have been on a downward trend since the early 1900s. Check out the charts on several river on the Wild Steelhead Coaltion website. You will see how the few remaining "healthy" (WDFW term) stocks are continuing to dwindle. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that this is nothing new. If Puget Sound steelhead are listed as Endangered you just have to remember how long it took to get the eagle off of the list (40 years) and how long the Wenatchee has been closed (10 years +-?). A steelhead endangered listing, to be successful will need a lot of peripheral work; habitat recovery, water use, closer scrutiny of building permits for riverside condos, strip malls or golf courses as just a few examples. If our steelhead do become listed as endangered, I doubt if I'll live long enough to fish over them again.
    Good luck,
    Les Johnson

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