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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Buck, May 12, 2008.

  1. I see costco is in the business of sellling farmed steelhead at their stores (4th ave). It's 4.99 a lb., same as farmed catfish. Seems odd, but not sure why?
  2. But is it still considered a true steelie if it never had the chance to migrate to the ocean? Seems like it's basically a big rainbow fed some red feed to get the pink meat....

  3. Buck a pound cheaper than their farmed salmon. Only difference is the steelhead still has the skin on.
  4. Same as chicken, beef, pork, asparagus, onions, potatos, etc. All farmed. Not the evolution I'd prefer but the way it's going. That loaf of bread you're using for sandwiches didn't make a spawning run either.... Ingredients were farmed.
  5. 5 bucks a pound is a lot cheaper than trying to jerk them out of the river. Just not as fun.
  6. PT, it doesn't taste the same. It doesn't BBQ the same. It doesn't smoke up the same. I suspect the difference is the fat content. From an eating standpoint, it is not really the same fish.
  7. Damn, I was just heading to Costco. Guess I'm stuck with waiting for June 1 again.
  8. Saw a week ago Albertson selling farm raised Steelhead for $4.99 per pound. The same fish a week earlier was Rainbow trout at $3.99 a pound.
    Would a rose by any other name still smell the same?
  9. I'll skip on the farmed fish based on both my taste buds and personal ethics :thumb:
  10. In this case yes. Steelhead me like Salmon, not trout. But, why is farm raised steelhead worthy of raising? Since it's not really as well known as Chinook or Coho, why farm it? Really....because you can? To me it would be like farm raising Dolly's or Cutts. ;)

    I don't care either way because I'm not eating farm raised fish. I hear they are really unhealthy, is that true?
  11. I wouldn't know if they taste the same or not. I catch and keep enough to feed the family. Just trying to make a point. I've never bought a pound of salmon or steelhead from a grocery store in my life. I also don't order fish when going to a restaurant. Same reason as stated above.
  12. Depends. There was a study that suggested that the fish had a higher mercury content than their wild bretheren. But that study was pretty much debunked as it was a single point case study.

    In *general* farm raised fish are pretty much a product of what they eat. If you get farm raised fish that's fed a diet high in heavy metals, they will end up with heavy metals in their flesh. In some cases, it will be lower, and in others (where lots of fish scrap is used) it can be higher. All in all high quality fish protein is pretty hard to beat for healthy....
  13. You willing to take the pepsi challenge? More than a few folks I know complain about the taste, but have the palate of a rock. I'm not saying this is the case with you, but in general, most folks really don't know the difference.

    But I will admit, there is little to no resembalence between a fresh from the salt springer and what's sold (farm raised). But man oh man, tulley time in the fall in Columbia tribs? Give me farm raised *any* day of the year.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  14. I don't think they sell anything but farm fish in the stores these days. Correct if I'm wrong, but aren't T-bones farm raised?:rofl:

    I take that back, you can get Copper river Kings tomorrow at what price I haven't a clue, couple of buddies up there that laugh at what-ever buys it at that price.
  15. James- yes, the average person has a fairly shit palate :hmmm: I first saw farmed fish while visiting my grandmother in yuma az, now to my surprise it's readily available here.

    In regards to the effects of fish farming on the environment:

    and this ofcourse is but one view/opinion, though similar results can be seen on other local fish farms, and farms in the Scandinavian countries as well.

    Everyone can form their own opinion/conclusions, personally though I've seen enough to know that it's a form of farming that I don't support. (and I'm speaking for the dye added, full farm raised product, i don't know enough about the partial farm raised, then released fish to comment on that form of farming.)
  16. I'd reccomend humpies instead... Seriously probably cheaper than farmed crap.
  17. I second that, pinks aren't too bad on the BBQ :thumb:
  18. and they are cheap!

    Also look for wild Alaska Salmon Burgers at costco, my gf loves the things pure Alaska humpy, like $6 for a pack of 20 burgers...
  19. I have done some homework on the whole steelhead for sale issue. What is being sold as "steelhead" in the stores I am pretty sure are triploids being raised somewhere in N. Central WA (Colville maybe?) Farm raised trout likely come from the Thousand Springs trout farm (the largest in the world) near Twin Falls/Hagerman in Idaho.

    However, the steelhead being sold in Pike Place market at a much higher price point are in fact net caught wild and hatchery steelhead coming from native american sources on the Oly Pen. I have made my feelings on that subject known to the purveyor in front of other would be customers. I invite you to do likewise.

  20. I would like to have been a fly on the wall there. :rofl:

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