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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. I know it is the holidays and hope all are having a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season. I would like to open a swap for steelhead flies tied on tubes. Flies won't be due until the 31st of January, so that should provide ample time after the holiday festivities. Let us open the ranks to see if we can get a dozen tyers onboard. Seeing my friend Rob Ast's Down and Dirty fill and expand, I'm hopeful that there will be many who want to enter. These are the requirements:
    1. The flies have to be tied on tubes
    2. The flies have to be designed to fish for steelhead
    3. The set of flies should be the same so we all get to fish the same collection
    4. The flies have to be at my door NLT (no later than) the stroke of midnight on the last day of the first month of the New Year (by the end of January 2011) If you cannot make this deadline please do not enter. If you enter and find you won't meet this deadline, please let me know so I can drop you, add someone else or go with one open slot. The other entrants to the swap will be wanting their flies so they can put them to use.
    5. You must tag your flies (recommend a mono loop through the tube with a tag)
    6. You must include a pre paid postage mailer for the return journey to you. (I don't want to have to go to the post office because you stuck cash in the mail)
    7. You can arrange to hand them off to me or convince the crowd that we'll gather face to face to swap (for those that can make such a meeting)
    8. Hooks are not required, everyone can tie on their own, include them if you wish.

    I saw some killer tube flies recently and thought this would be good motivation for me to get busy tying some steelhead tube flies.

    Who's In?

    1. Me - Black and Purple tied In Hand
    2. Jakers - Silvey's Tandem Tube In Hand
    3. JazzySkillz - OP Prawn In Hand
    4. Bouface - In Hand
    5. Tracy - He's already finished! They have arrived. Aweseome flies.
    6. Ansas - In Hand
    7. Eric.Carlson - Blue Moon Conehead In Hand
  2. I'm in if you'll have me. I'll tie Silvey's Tandem Tube.
  3. I'll play Ed. Still have yet to pick up a tube kit, but I will before new years and I will bust out a version of my OP prawn. This will force my hand into the tube game, I am excited.
  4. I'll join in. Let me think about which pattern to contribute. As of now, I'm thinking about a tube version of the Hohbo.
  5. no tube adaptor on my vise means Im out....too bad.
  6. I saw some tube adapters at Waters West for twenty bucks. I have a Nor Vise with the tube mandrels but thought the tube adapter that could clamp right into the jaws would be awesome to try. Before I had that I used a bodkin point and it worked.
  7. mumbles, for those of us intellectualy inept tyers new to fly swaps, I'm guessing that twelve flys are to be tied by each tier, And something other than my pink worm tube fly is required? Any thing else I should know about before I'm commited ?
  8. Buddy of Benny, there is a sticky thread at the top of the fly swap sub forum. You pretty much have the idea though. Twelve tyers, each ties twelve (eleven if you don't want to get one of your own back, but twelve is best). A swap is cool because although not a "contest" you will work on tying them as close to identical as possible. Again, it is not a contest, but you'll find yourself trying to make a good replication so that everyone gets the same Benny's Buddy fly. So long as it is some sort of steelhead tube fly the rest is up to your pattern choice to model, or create. Since steelhead are not as common as years gone past, hopefully this will give us all a nice set of tube flies to take a good crack at them.

    Browse the gallery to get ideas, see how other swaps have worked, review a few in this sub forum too. Let me know if you are in and I'll edit the list. I figure with Christmas this weekend and the New Years celebration immediately thereafter it might take until after that to fill the swap. If it fills great, if we get more interested, great...maybe we grow the swap, if it does not fill then we'll discuss it as a group to see if we want to just tie one tube per entrant or tie two different patterns.

    Most importanly, I just ask that you communicate well and get your flies to me on time so that everyone who participates is not held up getting their set of flies. I know when I get mine I'll be making a trip to fish tubes only.
  9. A small length of metal coat hanger will work for 1/8th inch tubes. It would be a shame to miss this swap if you have a good pattern. Or you can buy a cheap rug sewing needle for smaller tubes. :thumb:
  10. well,Ill do some experimenting and see if I can pull it off
  11. You don't need a tube adapter. I just use 3 regular sewing needles. Force 2 needles into the opening one side of the tube, and then place the exposed section of needles into your vice. Next, force the 3rd needle into the opening on the opposite side of the tube. The trick is being able to cram the needles into the tube in such a way that the tube remains stationary while you are tying. The only trouble that I have experienced is when I have to whip finish my tube fly. Otherwise, it works like a charm. Here are a few examples of what I have tied on H & H hard plastic tubes. However, I have yet to try this on metal tubes.

    P.S. I should add that it might take a couple of attempts before you find the right needle combination (in regards to needle size) for the tube.


  12. I'm in! This will be my first fly swap, but it sounds like fun.

    I'll tie a tube version of this fellow:

    You can't see it in this pic, but the body is tied w/silver tinsel over purple chenille like a Street Walker. The rest is kind of a purple version of a Hobo Spey w/some UV crystal flash. I've also started adding a purple guinea hackle at the front. Dunno what to call it. Hobo Walker? Whatever, it seems to have good movement in the water. I've tied several this evening, and should have the full complement of 12 done soon.
  13. hobo texas ranger
  14. The swap has not even close to filled and already Tracy, TMIB is ready to mail his in. I hope that this bumps this tube fly swap to the top and gets some of you interesed in joining. I've rolled up a few tube flies over the break so far, but I'm not close to done.
  15. Should have 'em out to you tomorrow afternoon, unless I spend the day fishing, in which case they'll go out Tueday. :)

  16. TMIB, you are so far ahead. Fish tomorrow, mail them after that. Take tomorrow as a good karma fishing day and see what the results me.
  17. This is a bit off-topic from the thread, but I thought I'd report back. I appreciate the well-wishes for my outing, but the results were very poor. It's rare that I'll say this, but I would have been better off staying home. After an hour drive, I got to the river and found it to be really crowded. All my usual spots had a half dozen or more gear fishermen lined up in the runs. I went to my backup spot, and it was full of guys there too. (fly anglers this time) so I explored a bit and found that most of the river was pretty much the same. Eventually I settled on a section that was a little more away from folks, where I'd not fished before. I got out in the water and discovered that apparently over the last week I'd forgotten how to make a decent spey cast. I floundered about a bit trying to get my line where I wanted it and eventually got a decent cast in. About 3/4 of the way through the swing it got caught on a rock and I broke off my fly trying to retreive it. I repeated the process after tying on another fly, and managed to hang it up and lose it as well.

    I moved downstream a bit, hoping to avoid whatever it was I hung up on- (my casts were still really poor at this point.) I lost fly #3 for my efforts. I went to replace the now-short tippet and discovered that I was out of tippet material to replace it with.

    So after only an hour I was done. However, I was now only 20 minutes away from the office. I decided to save a vacation day and go into work.

    I'd like to say this is the first time this has happened. Unfortunately that's not the case. I can make beautiful spey casts over and over one day, then the next get completely befuddled and the whole thing turns into an exercise in frustration. I've spent well over $1000 on spey gear, and it doesn't seem to be doing much for me except keeping me from fishing effectively. I think I'm going to go back to my single-hander, and just fish lighter flies. I'll also pack my gear setup in the event I get into a situation like today, where the runs are dominated by gear guys.
  18. Don't do that, Tracy. Go back up for some more lessons from Aaron on the Snoqualmie Day on the River. He can diagnose what you are doing incorrectly and fix it.
  19. If it is still open, I'll make up some-0-dem tubes.
    I'll do a Thunder & Lightening/Willie Gunn type pattern.
  20. Tracy's flies are in and if you are not in this swap you should be. Freaking amazing TMIB, really great work. I also believe in Steve, great advice. There will be days when a two hander will be the tool to use, even if it is not your strongest suit. Aaron and/or Mike and their free clinics are the place to be.

    Ansas, you are in. Who else?

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