Steelhead "Fishing"

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    The most odd thing to me is how much the spey communtiy ( In general, not all , but the masses who frequent the interwebs it seems )cares about what others are doing when it relates to different methods- No other faction of angler out there really gives a shit about them, but they are so concerened as a whole with what everyone else is doing it's pathetic - I'm as serious as anyone about this twohanded swinging game for stellhead as anyone, but no way am I a "Spey guy" . Just spend some time on the speypages, the " land of friuts and nuts " . They are way too screwed up to be taken seriously - Hell, there's a thread over there about some idiot who's pissed about what some guys clothing choices are, what a joke-
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    the world isn't perfect. It's not a reasonable expectation.
    what matters is how you treat the fish, the river, and folks you meet while you're there.
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    friggin snaggers........
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    Amen to that fella ;)
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    Last year I landed a buck with a nasty lead-lined treble hook in his back. Snagging seems to be the common form in Idaho rivers:mad:. Heck I once saw someone pull up to an occupied fishing spot and the person started to throw a weighted hook from the road over-top of the present fisherman.