Steelhead flies you gotta have....

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Chad Lewis, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Citori

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    Something black, something purple, something orange, with or without some sparkly stuff...

  2. bennysbuddy

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    but I never go fishing for summer runs without my box of Spade flies.(quote sg,)

    I fish spades alot on the eastside with good results,But then I'm a old hasbeen lost in the era when the north fork of the stilly was the place to be!!!!
  3. Kaiserman

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    Are you sure about the no winter steelies? I will agree about the summer run, even that most are probably. However, I've caught a few in the South Fork of the Clearwater that were in the upper teens, and were brighter than any fish I've caught. They were still white half way down. From the pics, I've had several suggest that those fish had probably only been in the system for about 2-3 weeks if that. Is it possible that they are just late summer runners...? I don't know. I have always been told that there are two runs over here.
  4. Salmo_g

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    Sure, yes I'm sure. Doesn't matter when they arrived in the Clearwater. They are stream maturing steelhead, not river maturing, and they entered freshwater, meaning the mouth of the Columbia River, during the summer or very early fall, not the late fall or winter. All Snake River fish, even though some can be caught in any of the 12 months of the year, are indeed summer steelhead. And yes, there are two runs, A run and B run, but both are exclusively summer run steelhead.

  5. David Loy

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    I also vote for the spade. Nothing fancy but it works. I'm also fond of GPs in orange and black. I carry the usual standbys (GB skunks, P Peril, etc) but these get the most play.
  6. Kaiserman

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    Ok, but what about those that were so bright? Even if it was, say a full three weeks, that's still February. Doesn't that constitute a winter run fish? I'm asking, cause I truely don't know. You seem to be the only one with the best explaination...but I still gotta ask, you know what I mean?

    It was taken from a CLR camera meaning Real film. I'll scan it and show you. I'm not kidding, these fish were pretty bright.
  7. Salmo_g

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    Yes, some fish are bright. So? Some steelhead are colored up as they leave saltwater and enter freshwater. Color on a salmon or steelhead is a secondary sexual characteristic and is a function of sexual maturity. And while correlated with, it is not a function of date of freshwater entry. Some steelhead never really color up sexually. I don't know why, but they will enter freshwater sexually mature, only days before spawning, almost like a chum salmon, make a short migration and spawn and be headed back downstream, while having changed color very little during the entire process.

    There are no doubt some steelhead that won't enter the Clearwater until after the first of the new year, but they passed Bonneville Dam two months ago. They are summer steelhead. They have a long ways to migrate, and they take their time when the water is cold, which it has been for at least a month now.

  8. inland

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    It is common knowlege there are no ocean maturing steelhead in the snake. Why not do some research instead of arguing? There is NOTHING you have seen up there that is bright. Less dark for sure. But not chrome bright, fresh from salt. Your only chance of seeing an actual BRIGHT fish is EARLY in the run. But NONE of them are even close to a chrome fish fresh from salt.

    Either way it doesn't matter all of them are river maturing steelhead reguardless of when they show up in the CW.
  9. freestoneangler

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  10. Kaiserman

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    Dude...chill. I was not arguing at all. Sg is probably one of the most knowledgeable guys here on the subject. I was asking a legit question, said nothing about chrome. The fish swam 400+ miles...I'm pretty sure that "chrome" was about 350 miles ago. :beathead:

    Sg, thanks for the info. I truly never knew that fish may "delay", if you will, when it comes to changing color. We had caught a couple others that day, that were the color you would expect. If I ever get them scanned, I'll PM you a pic. Nothing like what you guys get over there for sure, but surprisingly "bright".

    I like to call it, "Rez chrome". Short for Indian reservation chrome....or is that the term I use for Duct Tape? :hmmm:
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    No that is not a term you use for duct tape. Really? it's 2011, leave the stereotypical racist stuff behind like 99% of the civilized world...
  12. Kaiserman

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    Really? I work for tribe and was told that by about a dozen Native Americans. So it's only funny if they say it right? Some of my good friends are Native Americans. If you want to be over sensitive that's your choice, in the meantime I'll laugh along with my friends.
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    Yeah yeah, black people call each other the "n" word too. Still doesn't make it right, and indians perpetuating stereotypical stuff like that isn't right either. It's how we have been part of the problem in keeping ourselves oppressed since european contact. So to answer your question, no, it's not only funny if they say it. In fact it's less funny, even sad when they say it.
  14. Chad Lewis

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    Okay, I get it. So I tie and fish whatever the hell I want. I'm gonna like this steelhead fishing.

    Now I'm gonna peace out and roll with ma' honkies, yo'.
  15. Kaiserman

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    You know, maybe that's what the problem is. Us white boys telling other ethnic groups what they "should" and "shouldn't" be offended by. Can you think of anything more humiliating or "racist"?

    We are "apparently" smarter, in that we "the white man" have to explain to them when something is racist. Why don't we let them decide on their own. They've fought to hard to get where they are at...without us controling how they should feel. Remember, they were the ones that told me the joke in the first place. By the way, some of them have master and bachelor degrees.

    Chad, have a blast man! Lot's of great advice too. Some that I've even forgot how simple it can be sometimes. Steelhead fishing can do that to a guy. I think I have about $1500 of material that I will never use, because I've narrowed down the patterns I tie to about 4 or 5.
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  17. rory

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    Let me know when you catch a steelhead and what kind of fly you used. I would like to see someone else new succeed.
  18. Fishee

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    size 8 Silver Hilton for summer Steelhead
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    There is iron in the words of the savvy chief, OMJ. What could go ever go wrong with a wooly bugger? If all else fails, use the pink worm.
  20. fredaevans

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    Toss in a different perspective here on 'fly choice.' Some of the most effective I've found are Atlantic salmon patterns (on double hooks where legal) such as the Flamethrower and Cascades 'close to the salt' and the Willie Gunn higher up a stream. These things have been consistent producers of hook-ups. If a 'double hook' is legal, the fish just touches that thing and you've got him.