Steelhead flies you gotta have....

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Chad Lewis, Dec 3, 2011.

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    G_Smolt nailed it.
    It is all about line management
  2. Olive bugger Active Member

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    A little wiggle in the pattern will not hurt a bit. No wonder marabou and artic fox are so popular.
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    Clear Water = Burlap, Semi Clear Water - Black , Not Very Clear Water - big Purple. Move the flies the same speed you move an object that makes a cat attack the object, no slower, no faster. Cover water that has fish in it.
  4. golfman65 dude...

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    I try and change it up...If others have gone through before me, I go smaller..If I'm on a gear river and know the fish have seen pink worms all day...I'm going small again and dark...When the weather is warming I think "food"...
    Sat. on a small flow that thanks to a local "blog" fish shop up north..was over run with low holing gear guys...I had been fishing some Alex jackson style skagit flies but switched to my go to "bully" fly..something in a completely different color...Did the A.H.E. Wood swing through the higher colored water next to a seam and bingo...nice little wild steel came to play....Something very gratifying about pick pocketing gear guys..
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    For me it's all about " The Cocktail Shrimp" from Orvis.. Ask Leland, he will tell you why..

    All the fish I caught have a little orange and a little black.
    Those were my favorite corkie and yarn too, when I use my spinning rod..

    I guess the moral of the story is fish whatever you have with confident and stick with it, it like work, it will payoff some day, with your fish, and when that happen, you a believer in that one fly, for awhile, than you will start to experience with other pattern and color..

    Somehow I alway come back to something familiar.. Good luck
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    all the above
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    here's one

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