Steelhead fly swap 2007!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by obiwankanobi, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I have concluded one thing upon receiving all the ties thus far, this swap will bring you a bunch of "framing" flies not "fishing" flies. All of the flies I have seen, I would not dare expose to my amateur spey casting which would beat them up in no time!! I know they will be used for fishing, but I cringe at the day where I see them look used.:beer2:

    Daryle-Great ties and they came today and can't wait to see your "fly porn" photograpy!
    David Dalan-The Highlander will never touch water, even though it would be deadly. It has a permanent spot on my desk!!:beer2:

    Great ties and look forward to more to come.

  2. The ones I tied are for fishing... I don't think I have the patience to tie up something for framing!!!

  3. Thanks Obi, I hope eveyone gets a kick out the the GH!

    BTW, if anyone HAS to have more of them...I'm always haggling for a trade a trip kind of deal. I'd be more than happy to swap a few (4-6) for a "tour" (I'd cover my own costs of course) of a local stream/lake you don't mind sharing ;)

    I can't wait to see the other submissions.
  4. Any update on the flies? I can't wait to see them.

    Steve S
  5. Steve, thanks for asking. Here is the situation, I am still awaiting one last submission. I have received flies from Clint and Fred Evans and still awaiting one more. Thanks!
  6. How long are you planning on waiting for the last submission? You may wish to update the "received flies" list also. Thanks.

  7. Great suggestions. I will do that now and see above.
  8. UPDATE CONT 10/28/07

    Still awaiting flies from Scott Behn and I made a mistake earlier and from work typed in Scott's name instead of Fred Evans. Fred your orange "pain in the asses" are in and I am awaiting this last submission and then everything will go out.

    FYI, I work a 60 hr workweek and even though based on my daily postings, I look like a total slack job, I am at work and work late. I will give one more week's wait and next Sat have everything out. This will allow me to go to the PS when it is easy for me to do so and give the postal service time to get this last submission in. This will be a great swap and next Sat is my bottomline, where everything will go out without hesitation. Thanks

  9. Scottie fly is good, I'll wait,

    What should we tie next?
  10. Thanks for running this swap, I am sure all the flies will be superb fishing flies and a joy to look at in one's box when starting a day on the water. It is too bad that in almost every swap anymore there is always one person that can't seem to get the idea of meeting an agreed upon date and keeping one's word.

  11. WOOF! Now that was a bit harsh .....
  12. not really, it's just the truth more times then not.
  13. Well hell, I mailed them boys out last week...what more can I do???

    I work in HVAC not the USPS...

  14. I came home tonight and was excited to see Scott's great ties in the mail. The swap is complete and I need to get my act together and get them sent out. They will go out on Sat. Thanks!
  15. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
  16. To all the entrants that contributed in this swap, you will soon have a very nice assortment of flies at your door. They are in the hands of the usps and being that I have "ADD" when it comes to tying, I tied 11 flies that are all similar but come in three variations. I hope everyone likes them all and better yet, has success fishing them.

  17. Bob,
    Thanks again for hosting this swap. Really looking forward to getting a early Christmas package.
  18. A photo of the collection??????:thumb:

    Pretty Please ... sugar on top ... etc.bawling:

  19. I'm reading your mind, :beathead:
    Bob is good , bob is great, OK, it's past the due date
  20. Has anyone recieved your swap flies? As of today's mail I have not though an airmail envelope from Hong Kong shipped on the 6th has arrived.

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