Steelhead fly swap 2007!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by obiwankanobi, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Err...nothing here...
  2. Nope... No flies here in Mill Creek either???

  3. UPDATE!!! Sorry for my deliquency on posting this note, but I mailed them via our inter office mail since I worked on Sat and I got all the packages put back on my desk on Wed. I went to the ps today. Damn corporate office security regulations!!:beathead:


    I wanted to address this on Wed but this site has been down often, so pardon on the lateness.


  4. Frustrating as it may be:rofl:, don't sweat the small stuff Bob.

  5. I still love ya Bob :)
  6. Thanks for the update.
  7. It's all good Bob, thanks for the update!!!

  8. Bob,

    No probelem .... Again thx for hosting the swap...
  9. I just received my flies today. They all look great! Some people didn't include toe tags so would everyone mind posting what fly they tied and they recipe? There's a sweet little stonefly in my package that I don't know who tied. I tied the Steelhead Sunset variation.
    Body-silver tinsel
    Hackle-yellow, orange, red, purple, golden pheasant rump dyed purple
    Wings-Goose shoulder dyed purple

    Thanks to Bob for hosting the swap.

    Steve S

    It was a long wait but hope that it was worth it!

    That is great that you recieved them and I was counting on all the people from Seattle receiving theirs today.

    Fred Evans would have been the creator of that stonefly. Fun fly for the Yakima and the Rogue. That is what he called the "Lil Pain in the Asses"

    I tied the same color of pattern but in two different variations, some got it with the mallard slips mounted high on top of the body...Cali King
    Others recieved patterns with the mallard slips on the side of the body..Cali Reeach
    Two different winging styles and dressings for the same color variation.

    The Cali King hackle was Blue Eared Pheasant, while the Reeach was made from black Shalappan.
  11. Photos are posted guys, great jobs!
  12. Great job on the photos. Thanks for doing it.
  13. I messed up on a few, trying to make corrections with views exposure and such let me know any remakes.

    Keeps me in good practice. Like I told Bob been working on a 500 pic, 50 year family history slide show. It was some fresh air to do these. In fact I'll throw these on a slide show tomorrow to see what you guys think.

  14. Photo's??

    I know I'm missing the obvious ..... but would someone post a link to the photos?

    tnx in advance,

  15. Flies arrived today. They are even better looking in real life than in photos. Thanks again.
  16. I have mine, they are great ties. Thanks eveyone!
  17. I got the flies today and must say they are ALL great. Thanks for puting this swap together Bob. It was my first one and I will have to do some others and possibly put one together myself soon. :beer2:

  18. This is the first chance I really had to reply about the swap and all I have to says is WOW!!!:eek: What a great swap. I am again very humbled with my tie. Every fly looks awseome and very fishy. I can't wait to start copying them.

    I am fairly new (1yr) to tying so I love these swaps because I learn something new every time by studying everyone's flies.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Steve S: What feather did you use for you wing?
    2. Bruce: Same question, what feather did you use for your wing?

    Again this was a great swap and thanks Bob for putting it together! :beer2:


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