Steelhead HOG! On the fly?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Peter Pancho, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Peter Pancho

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  3. Roper

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    No fly there, the blank called out is not a fly blank, Kerry is chief at Batson Enterprises which makes rod blanks in Sequim.


    Life goes on, enjoy it...
  4. Tom Merrill

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    Judging by the posters screen name (bait o' eggs) I'd guess bait, but still a nice fish. When are wild steelhead not supposed to be removed from the water?

  5. Mike Colagrossi

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    Think it's time to buy a drift rod....... what was that Rainshadow blank called again ;-)

  6. C Van

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    He must have been using a cop car!
  7. Flip

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    sidenote: i found the measures for that fish.
    28 lbs 43x22

    just thought people would like to know


    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    That's what it's all about boys, trying to save big natives like that buck! The fish is alive. Wonder if he released him?

    Bob, the No, you can't hold up a fish (hurts interanl organs) now in some rivers, and in none after May one.:professor
  9. Hal Eckert

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    "Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but your tracks"

    Thats a beautiful beast, I must be due soon, I must be due soon, I must be due soon, etc...... The big summer runs will be here in a month and The Ghost will be ready for a an all out assault upon the first wave of chrome warriors which usually has the bigger fish 18Lbs +. Bring it on ! LOL

    Nice big wild steelie hope it was released though ?

  10. Rob Blomquist

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    The Rainshadow IST1264F is a 2 piece steelhead rod designed for 10-17 pound line that is 10'6" long. While it probably could be made into a spinning rod, is probably a casting rod.


    There is no way that it was caught on a fly.

    Nice fish though.