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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ChrisW, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. ChrisW AKA Beadhead

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    Just wondering what are people's favorite steelhead hooks?

    I have been using a limited repetoire:
    Alec Jackson Spey, Alec Jackson Steelhead irons and Tiemco 7999.

    I haven't settled on a preference for large/ small sizes or full/sparse dressing. How 'bout you?

    Do you have a preference for sharpness, strength and "swimability"?

    At the prices these hooks sell for its hard to experiment much.

    And whats the deal with those AJ sizes?

  2. Big K1 Large Member

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    For winter if I am tying marabou's I use 7999's. If I am tying spey's I use
    the Alec Jacksons. I mainly fish tubes now for winter so I use Partridge
    nordic singles.
  3. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    i like the 7999's, alec jackson hooks, but have been invseting in the targus (7999) equivalent. the targus seem to save me a buck or two.
  4. Brian Simonseth Banned or Parked

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    I use Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons on my spey flies and Gami’s SC 15 and SC 16 on tube flies.
  5. pwoens Active Member

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  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I'm with PW on this one. But I have no idea why :confused:

    Jim :beathead:
  7. Scott Behn Active Member

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    All I use are the AJ's #7-#1.5, and occasionally I'll use the #3 for some big marabou flies.
  8. GreenButt New Member

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    Has anyone used the Alec Jackson nickel spey hooks? I got a few packs to try out. Those are some awesome hooks, but I'm not sure they're good in all situations. What I like about them is they're heavy, sharp as hell and sink real well. The shine of the hook could be good and bad. They seem to sink better than bronze or black but I have yet to do a weight comparison. For marabou flies with no body, or for flies with tinsel bodies (ie fall favorite) they seem advantageous. Forget that tinsel its already there! But when you want that tinsel butt, its pointless since it doesn't show up. Any thoughts? Also does anyone know if its possible to get a pack that has more than 10 or 8 Jackson hooks? Any money saved by going big? Checked the website but didn't find anything. I used to use Dai-Riki but my LDRs have decreased since I switched, in my humble opinion Jacksons are well worth the dough. I hate the 10 per package though. When it comes down to one hookup for 1,000 casts you want the best hook you can get!
  9. Scott Behn Active Member

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  10. Monk Redneck

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    If someone wanted to split a 100 hook order, I would be interested. I don't really go through that many in each size. Perhaps we can each buy a size and take 1/2. Any takers?
  11. GreenButt New Member

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    Hey thanks for the link Scott, a quick comparison for smaller sizes:

    pack of 10 no. 2050 (bronze Spey) = 4.95 retail (what I pay anyhow)

    or .495 cents per hook

    pack of 100 no. 2050 = 43.20

    or .432 cents per hook

    Well, its not an awesome savings but you save 5 bucks! At least you can order once and not have 10 packets to deal with and eventually chuck. I have to internet order my stuff now that our one and only local flyshop went under, and didn't know linesend. Also noted the nickels and blues are same price as bronze. I paid more (5.25) for them. So for those hooks its a better deal, saving about $9 bucks per 100.