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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by PerL, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Hi I am visiting Seattle in Mars and would like to try some Steelhead fishing.
    Is there any chans on some god fishing then and can you recomende any guide in your area?

    Any suggestions welcome.
  2. English classes. :thumb:
  3. '
    Opps, sorry.
    I am from Sweden. ;)

  4. :D

  5. I know... I'm just messing with you... :)
    But, I'll translate for you...

    Yo, American Slime, I visiting Seattle in March, and would like to try some Stealhead fishing, and some lady hunting with my bork'ta bork accent.
    Is there any chance some guy like me could get some tail?

    Any suggestions welcome.
  6. Look on the hompage for guides. Dennis Dickerson, Steve Buckner, Bob Triggs, in no particular order. I head they are all great. Possibly you could email them (look under members list near the top of the page) and ask for info, to see if they are booked or not. I don't know if Dickerson posts here, but Bob and Steve both do regularily. Dont worry about Backyard, we made him go through k-5 before we let him on the site. Now he talk reel goods.

  7. Zen... the thing is i will punch you..... hard. :)

    HOW hard? I'm glad you asked.

    Just in a loving way.
  8. Hey Per, aren't you the guy that stayed at Red's last spring? Sorry I missed you, but I was wrong about the dates you were going to be there. That European style date format confused me.

    The new wife is 2nd generation Swedish. Last summer, we had a house full of her Swedish relatives. The patriarch, Edvin, had an interest in fly fishing but had never actually done it. The only Swedish I know are some choice swear phases, and Edvin knows very little English, but through demonstration and pantomime I taught him some casting out on the lawn. I first stretched the line out one the lawn behind him and had him cast it forward. After a couple of those setups, I had him flip the forward cast back behind him and let it fall to the grass, then flip it forward and fall to the grass. Then I had him back cast and start the forward cast just a little earlier while it was still in the air. This is the way I get beginners to let the backcast straighten out and not snap off so many flies. He worked on it for a while on the lawn, then when the new wife came home, he had a bunch of questions for me for her to translate. Then the next day he jumped right into the fire when we hit the Klickitat for steelhead. We didn't get any steelhead, but over the next couple weeks, he caught a few trout on the eastside streams. Lots of sign language and pantomime, but lots of fun.

    No steelheading in the Klickitat in March. The Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula streams would be the places to go.

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