Steelhead in the Grand Ronde?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jim Kaiserman, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Flyfished during the day, gear at night. Here's what some of the night fishing got us:





  2. All the gear-caught fish, especially the bleeders should go over real good here. Not that any fly-caught fish ever bleed.
  3. Great pics, I camped at Heller all weekend, I never saw any boats on the river at night.... Maybe these were a little farther down the river. Don't know for sure but judging from the water and lights maybe a little lower in the river, at any rate great pics and
    big fish.

    Tight Lines,
  4. If you're looking for some straight scoop on the Ronde in addition to fishing it effectively, Mac Huff, a senior guide on the Ronde, will be giving a free seminar at the Orvis store, Saturday at 1PM.

  5. According to your count i need to see 39 more pictures to believe you! j/k, looks like you guys had a blast, did you get any on flies?
  6. Two wild A runs. The goddamn bass in the Snake kept hitting the flies we were swinging and annoyed the shit out of us. We bonked the big ones and made some killer smallmouth tacos.
  7. I hope those weren't smallie-heads.

    That hybrid is a best of both worlds for me and needs to be protected and propegated.
  8. smallmouth tacos.....sounds delicious
  9. Ditto on those feelings !!
    Here is what I got by putting in the effort during the DAY ! :p Got one on the surface and two sub surface......In my boxer shorts and no headlamp ! :D

  10. Quan great fish. Im heading out there the 25th with my dad uncle cousin and grandpa. Seems our annual trip always results in a blown out river or low water. i hope i can get those kind of results!
  11. That is a cool pic.
  12. Who gives a shit about your gear steelhead. If the guys on this site were into numbers, we'd all be backtrolling plugs and bait divers. In fact most of us used to fish that way or started that way (and some still fish that way which is great also) and gave it up many years ago. But instead we work our asses off swinging the fly. In fact there are a bunch of forums (where's the Hunting and Fishing news when you need them?) you can post baitcaster hero shots on. Something like "B RUN MADNESS AFFLICTING EAST SIDE!!!!!!!!!" So although all steelhead are beautiful, who gives a rats ass about your fish porn. Wrong site boys. The Coach

    PS If you newbs wait around for the "perfect conditions" to run to the east side, you'll find that when you get there it's already over. Grab the tent, the Peak stove, (or The Red Lion -- I started getting soft the last couple trips:D) and the rods and reels and go pound it over there. The Snake (which Zen say is a bit warm, and I believe the Zen) around Asotin, the Clearwater (go see Poppy at Red Shed) and the Rhonde both from the mouth to the bridge and up into Shoemaker Grade. Thats all wadable stuff, no drift boat or sled needed. Shit boys that's more water than you can fish in the next 5 years. Go get em. Screw the reports. GO FISH HARD. Figure it out on the way. Then it's your discovery not someone elses.
  13. Coach is drunk on Gatorade again......:)
  14. Dave's been there since Saturday and the reports are mixed. There are fish, not any great numbers, but watch the weather and you will know when to go.
  15. Another thing I've noticed over there after many years is that alot of good anglers get their minds set on dry line only fishing over there. When conditions are right, grease lining, skating, dry line swinging and dead drifting all work great. However there are times over there with weather, flows, and other factors, that I had to go to the T-14, or tips and pull fish out. I always try to go dry line on the east side in fall but have the equipment and flexibility to do what it takes. Duff
  16. Coach, I'll take the big gear caught steely pics anytime (a steelhead is a steelhead) over the free styling boxer short pic... That's not an adipose fin boys....
  17. Winndknot,

    That is a sweet fly, I tied one up, not quite as good as Tucker on the married wing, but still not too bad. Off to the Ronde again this weekend, struggling with going to the mouth or up to Boggan's can't believe the main body of fish have moved through the mouth, but I have heard that from numerous sources. Who knows....

    Tight Lines,
  18. Just came across this I want to be as diplomatic and politically correct as possible.

    What the hell is up with those red neck, Goofball, hipppy ass, night shots of guys with gear caught bleeding steelhead? Please bring them down asap!

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