Steelhead Jig Swap. Oh No's!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by JesseC, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. FULL! Please have all jigs in the mail by 2/4. I'll PM address info in a while.

    I will probably get banned for posting this, but I've really gotten into fishing jigs recently. That and sniffing spray paint. I've also had a couple conversations with some forum members offline and have been really impressed with the quality and skill that it takes to tie some of the patterns I've seen. I've been cooking up some new styles myself and thought it might be fun to throw together a swap. You don't have to get all hardcore on this swap - if you buy a jig that gets significantly modified, that's fine, but the more custom of a tie the better.

    Patterns should be in the mail by 2/4. If you are going to soak your jigs in a scent, please be sure they're individually sacked in a ziploc.

    Reply of PM if you have any questions. Lets start with 10 tiers and see what the hell happens.

    1. JesseCFowl "Teabaggers"
    2. BlakeHarmon "DirtyBlakes"
    3. Evan Burck - "Crusty Tubesocks"
    4. Sean Beauchamp - "TBDs"
    5. Tracy Lauricella - "CopCars"
    6. Luke77 - "TomBeeStewDees"
    7. BobJones "TBDs"
    8. PhotoSenior "Little Devils"
    9. Backyard "Madison Ivies"
    10. Ringlee "Farmer's Daughters" (1/4 oz slang)
    11. Mumbles "Steel Bukakes"

  2. you sir, are dirty
  3. I fully support this swap.
  4. yeah, too bad you dont tie Evan
  5. Wait till you see my submission.

    I plan on tying up some jigs with little gauze sacks to put the eggs in.
  6. The breakables in my house thank me for this fact.
  7. Shouldn't this be in a gear-fishing forum? Any scent or egg-sac, by definition, voids it of being called fly-fishing. Even if you are technically lobbing that crap with a fly-rod.
  8. yeah, I dont fish with a fuckin bobber, and I don't use bait, so Im definitely out of this one. But to each their own I guess.
  9. I think you should let the mods do their job and just not participate in such threads if they offend you. If the mods of the forum don't think it belongs here, it will be removed. But I don't think that's likely.

    Also: weighted flies are just jigs no matter how you want to justify it.
  10. I sense a disturbance in the Force. Almost as if a million voices cried out at once......
  11. I have updated the thread.

    Evan - you've been drafted. Jigs are 101 and you can do it. Inhale Exhale.

    Please think of a name for your jigs. I don't want to waste my creativity on coming up with names for all of these.
  12. I'm in with some Jigabuggers.
  13. Wait...Jesse, you don't even fucking tie either! :rofl:

    I'm down like a clown for this shit though! :beer1:

    You can call mine the TomB-StewD special. :thumb:
  14. I would like you all to know that the definition for STEW is actually "whorehouse". Therefore, from now on, when I whore out and catch a steelhead on the jig I am calling it a Stewdie.

  15. This is going to be awesome! Time to go get some slutty supplies now.
  16. The crusty tubesock
  17. So incredibly wrong.
  18. It's better than "Your Mother's Pillowcase."

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