Steelhead Jig Swap. Oh No's!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by JesseC, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Done as well, they will be on their way in the morning.
  2. Sneak preview Blake?
  3. Hopefully this isnt enough to pop some purist cherry if he catches a glimpse :X
  4. JUst because I'm a round head fiend I thought I should input a thought, I noticed some of you are talking about painting your heads. And if you havn't yet you should try powder coating instead. Its simple easy and can be done with no extra tools needed. Pro-tec has a huge selection of cheap powder coat paint for jig heads.
    And Blake your round heads look like hatchery fish killers
  5. Thad - I cried a little bit when you didn't jump on this swap!
  6. Mumbles - There is something honestly disturbing about this post. Honestly man! Too funny bro.
  7. I was inspired by your filth so here is a picture of my latest filthy creation using the Pro-tec powder


    Thanks for the tutelage Thad.:beer1:
  8. Dirty jigs have been delivered! Can't wait to see what you guys have come up with.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, the Crusty Tubesock:

  10. Combining jigs and plastic is one thing....adding plastic to a regular hook is disgusting!

    I like it.
  11. The scandalous part is the use of glo bug yarn in place of marabou. Glo bug yarn has some... advantages.
  12. Dammmmmmitttttt. Way too late to the party. I laughed my ass off. Do you guys send them in a plain brown wrapper? Hide them under the mattress? Do your wives/GFs know? Are you sure the jigs are over 18?
  13. It's been brought to my attention that this site doesn't condone nudity, but doesn't shy from it either, therefore, I must reveal the "TomBeeStewDee".

    Please, before scrolling down, send your wife and children out of the room and make sure you haven't recently ingested anything.


    Part of the fleet ready to FSU!
  14. How long do those take to tie up? Looks nice! I like the plastics...
  15. step one 1: slide conehead and worm on to hook
    step 2: tie on glo bug yarn and flash
    step 3: ????
    step 4: steelheadz
  16. You're a nasty man Evan.

    So question, I was thinking of going the plastics route with mine, but couldn't figure out how to tie it to the shank without distorting the worm. And if you don't tie it in, I would be afraid it'd slide off. How did you secure it to the shank? I gotta try me some! :thumb:
  17. I'm half done and none of you are going to beleave these even after you get them. I had to use what I had here and there was lots of choice but nothing suit able for Jigs SO mine are kind of sort of Jig a mops. and You may certainly fix them or alter them or paint them or throw them as in 'away.' good luck!! Ooh!!you can use them if you really want to. Don't bother sending them back.
  18. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with Bob!
  19. Jesse,

    You should get mine today or tomorrow.

    Thanks for organizing this one!


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