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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by McQ, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. I had conversation with other fishermen/friends on the riverside.

    A. said, I dry fly fishing all day, did not get a single bite. I am satisfied.

    B. said, I dry fly fishing all morning, did not get a single bite then I switched to nymphing, then pick up few fish. A good day.

    On the other day, I had similar consersation with other two handers.

    A. said, I swung a wetfly all day did not get a single bite, I enjoy it.

    B. said, I swung a wetfly all morning did not get a single hit, then I switched to eggs and indicator. I got some fish. What a day.I think most of people I read here are belong to B types.

    I have lot's of respect to A types fisherman. But I know I am a B type fisherman for sure.:thumb: I also know Chad is with me!:) For some reason, I enjoy the adaptive strategies of FF... can you spin a fly without split shot? maybe not...well... you can put a flyline in a spin reel and you still can cast them I guess...

    If steelhead and trout can vote... They will say "Dryfly and Waking fly Only! Gentleman"
  2. I could care less! Many of you sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. Why do so many feel like they need to get into someone elses head. Like you all are all knowing and perfect. Shut the hell up. I fish for me and I can care less about you. Good luck.
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  4. If you can care less about us, why are you posting in this thread? You could leave us elitists and innovators alone to beat this horse until the flies and maggots won't have it.

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    You are one of the reasons that I love this board. :thumb:
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    The funniest part about these dumbass threads is you could repost this same subject in two months and get another 5 pages of the same worthless responses. :ray1:
  8. There are a lot of things that concern me and get a great deal of my brain time that ARE completely worthless to some and not so much to fly fishing.
  9. I think a lot of these "innovations" people are using lately to catch steelies with the fly rod (split shot, balloons as strike indicators, etc., many times with a spey rod :confused:) are probably closely tied to the fact that our wild steelhead populations are dying and what we're left with are a bunch of pellet-head infested rivers where the fish don't bite worth shit unless you practically force-feed them.

    There are a couple of winter steelie streams I fish that are 100% wild and the fish are so aggressive, even in water temps below 40 degrees, that if I swing through the run and don't get a grab, there simply are no fish around. Is that being presumptive? Maybe. But the wild fish are just so much grabbier, it's hard to dispute. So, I think the increased pellet head:wild fish ratio is partly responsible for the "innovative" fly fishing methods discussed here.

    But fly rods, first and foremost (especially spey rods) are CASTING tools. If I'm going to be lobbing lead or bobbers, I'm reaching for a better tool for the job--a spinning rod. Just more pleasurable to use and MUCH more effective.

  10. For all the nymphers......
  11. I find it endlessly entertaining how supposedly intelligent, thoughtful, ecologically minded people can actually think that what you see in that photograph is doing any good whatsoever for "our rivers".

    It is some form of mass stupidity passed around like a joint at the camp fire (not that there is anything wrong with a joint around the campfire).
  12. If you believe that then why are you holding up the "OUR" portion of the message!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::clown:
  13. We did it again...
  14. That is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time!ptyd
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    That's awesome! PT
  16. I agree [​IMG]
  17. What does that even mean?
  18. Scroll up to the picture of the naked people in the river.

    Further than the dead horse.
  19. Get off your high Horse. Why do people think swinging flies is so amazing? Ounce the steelhead is on the drag is there any difference? What makes you so much better? Why do you have to judge how other people enjoy fishing? I can't believe how snooty and proud you guys think you are. I bet you drive a hybrid with your nose in the air and write threads on the prius website on how you have noticed people driving a pick ups. Ive swung for steelhead before and it is fun when they hit. I just prefer to nymph and catch more fish. anyways, no need for your judgmental posts. Enjoy what makes you happy. And your no better than anyone else.
  20. Easy ThomasLee, fish how you wish. No one can make you do otherwise. Until you reopened this thread today, it had be forgotten for two and a half years. Why not start up a new one explaining how you evloved in to a nymph fisherman and tacticts you think work well for your personality and/or catching fish. Many of us might like to hear that. Some will call you a dirty nympher because they are a swing only fisherman and might have a closed mind. Others might just resent that you've learned and developed a technique that they have yet to master. In the end it is just a conversation that may or may not affect how you choose to fish.

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