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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by McQ, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Man people are digging for bones lately, I agree with Mumbles, to sum up this entire thread. Fish the way you wanna fish.
  2. LOL off to get a beer and popcorn and watch this happen again!
  3. Another thread exhumation. At least the newcomers of late have figured out how to use the search function.
  4. Thomas Lee,

    Way to go for a first post guy! Are you actually someone else logging in as Thomas Lee just digging up old shit out of the archives to spice up the discussions?

    BTW, there's nothing wrong with nymphing for steelhead. It's just a lower art form, like jig and bobber fishing (which is analogous), and bait fishing, and so forth. But that doesn't make it wrong. Lots of nymphers explain that they like to catch more steelhead. As all old time steelheaders know (I gues I probably am one now), if you really need to catch a steelhead, then fly fishing for them usually isn't the best method.

  5. Great line! :rofl:
  6. Thomas, you need to go fishin' and contemplate the meaning of judgmental!!
  7. Well I guess we know who swings and who uses the bead? I know this: A bead guy will say " I am going to use what works " and I think = If they would only spend that time swinging rather than behind the bobber the outcome would be different GOOD OR BAD. So after 8 pages of reading I think I need a Pizza and a Beer, good luck either way you fish.....
  8. Stewart, have you ever nymphed? With an indicator of some type? Without an indicator? I have seen guys that nymph without indicators and their technique is really refined and I'm a long way from talented enough to pull it off. It seems to happen in different water. Some may only use dries. Good for them. Good for everyone who is "to each his own". I think I can succesfully swing a fly through a run that is 3-5' deep, cobbled and textured on the surface. I'm not so sure that I have the skill set to swing a fly in a 15' deep hole that just screams "full of fish" to me. I've got a lot to learn.
  9. Afraid I would drown and be caught dead with a bead rig.
  10. Mumbles,

    Fly fishermen call those "conservation pools."

  11. Being someone that does both (i'm sure there are many of us)
    I will have to say that one of the reasons I could never swing exclusively, (among several) is the "I'm better than you" attitude it seems to rub off on some people.
  12. Fact: Your chances of success on the nymph rig are increased if Sean Beauchamp is nearby, taking a dump in the bushes.

    Ask me how I know.
  13. This post should be nicknamed the "Kenny" you know...Kenny from Southpark, he dies every episode he is in and then somehow manages to come back to life? and his purpose on the show really never made any sense but you always seem to laugh at him.
  14. Come to think of it I did some business in the vicinity narry ten minutes before I was tight to a feesh.
  15. Is chironomidding or dragging a bugger fly fishing? And what about nymphing for trout? What is the definition of fly fishing?
  16. Employing the least effective method possible given your current conditions.
  17. Guys, lets let this dead horse rot in peace.

    BTW nymphing = training wheels.:rofl:

    Jokes, JOKES!
  18. That depends were you are fishing, if you are fishing in fly only water the state says, (paraphrase) 30' of fly line no wieght on the leader and fur feathers and the like covering half the hook.

    I've never seen anybody chironomid for steelhead and dragging a bugger is swingin'

  19. X2 Fishing is fishing

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