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  1. I have both kinds of anglers and do both myself and have fun doing it, BUT it is possable to fall asleep while guiding clients on the swing, ( ones that know it ALL already)
    Most Good swingers make very lousy nymphers and might as well be swinging cause that is what is hapening anyway.
    Most Good nymphers DO NOT have the patients for swinging, although I have totally converted a few great nymphers into swingers and swingers into nymphers and the swingers into nymphers allways fall the farthest from there roots. Why that is might you ask,,,,,,,because they catch the shat out of them compared to swinging. I have had clients stop nymphing after five steelhead and spend the rest of the day swinging and catch one and are as happy as could be.
    Kudos to all fly fishermen its about catching steelhead how you want to catch steelhead.
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    This should be a t-shirt.
  3. It's funny cuz it's true. There's so many who insist that anything that makes your presentation more effective (sink tips, weighted fly, etc) makes it not true fly fishing.
  4. Panhandle, your timing was a little off but, I think you might be a prophet! So I got to ask, will I catch any steelies this weekend? Will it matter if I swing or nymph? Heck, how's my 401k going to do in this last quarter? Sorry,.....forget that last one, I kinda got carried away.
  5. :rofl:Oh come on Ryan,......we all want to hear what you have to say. :rofl:
  6. It keeps coming back to people who really need to catch a steelhead should choose a method other than fly fishing. Which is why they choose to nymph. Nymphers readily admit that the reason they nymph is because they want to catch more steelhead. If I really needed to catch a steelhead, I'd use bait. Or a gillnet. They both work really well.

    Hey Brazda, could you make a nympher out of me? I've probably invested close to 3 hours in nymphing over the past 25 years, but haven't had the patience to stick with it. Just to be clear, I'm not above slumming a bit.

  7. Get with Evan or Sean. They roll dirrrrrrrrrrrrrty.:thumb:
  8. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The world doesn't need to know that we run treble hooks (barbed) with chunks of shrimp in selective gear waters. That's just between you and me.
  9. Snagger.
  10. I definitely didn't read all of these posts but I've read many like them before and nobody ever seems to mention the fact that it is damn fun to play a steelhead on a fly rod/reel. I have never caught one on a spinning rod but I have caught big mean fish on spinning rods in the salt and after about 3 minutes of cranking on the spinning reel, and pretty much knowing that the line is not going to break, I'm over it.

    The first few runs of a steelhead (or bonefish, or big snapper, or other large salty fish) are epic on a 10', fairly light fly rod, with the reel screaming in the palm of your hands, etc. This is true no matter how the fish was hooked.

    That's why I nymph. cuz its fun as shit to play (and know that you have a good chance of losing) a hot steelhead on a flyrod.

    Swinging brings the more epic grab though for sure and you know the fish is going to be at least somewhat hot. That's why I carry two rods.
  11. I believe fly fishing is fly fishing, nymphing, swinging, or floating a dry.
  12. From my trusted friend Webster:
    Flyfish, flyfished, flyfishing, flyfishes: To angle using artificial flies for bait.
    That is pretty simple and self explanatory to me. Sure there are specializations in anything. A second baseman, catcher, shortstop and center fielder all do different things, but they all are playing baseball. Dap, chironomid, nymph, dry, skate, swing and streamer are all different methods of flyfishing right? Maybe they are not your preferred method, but they fit the definition.
  13. This thread is still going on????? It's in the terrible 2's now! Look, if you have a fly rod in hand and there isn't a glob of roe attached with a 3/0 gami, then raise another hand to a fellow angler, he may have caught 5 steel to your 1 but i guarantee you both are getting the same amount of enjoyment. Now bait guys, cut the rope in their anchors and let their boat drift :)
  14. I support that :thumb:
  15. Prophet? Perhaps. I do know that I've been catching plenty of steelhead on the swing though. Wouldn't consider nymphing for summer steelhead. Nymphing is a last resort, which I do enjoy, as a last resort.
  16. Backwoods Angler,

    You're waaaaay too open minded to be fly fishing.


    You're looking again like you're still deciding if anal-retentive is hyphenated or not. Didn't ya' know that Webster was a gear chucker anyway?


    Let's not be reasonable here. After all, we're discussing fly fishing.

  18. you mean like wake up on a rock beach hung over and be able to actually catch a steelhead before you puked and then fell back asleep, yea i can do that, its my specialty.:thumb::thumb:....if you drive up in a range rover grab a gay rod (oops spell check that) plop on a checkered golf cap and throw a jerk scott at a pool twelve feet deep, ah no can't help there:ray1:,,,, oh we could put a big ass goat nut (thingamaboober) on your spray rod and go that rout, at least you would not be suffering any separation anxiety from your casting pole...:rofl::rofl:

    I think you'd be to tough a nut to crack....old dog new trick type shit..
  19. nothing wrong with nymphing but move through the run in a cast step manner so other people can enjoy the river too..

    nymphing ok
    hole hogging not ok

    and there is a right and wrong on this issue.

    I will however say that swinging is a much higher form of fly fishing and that steelhead deserve the best we have. but that's my opinion. In short I believe that how we angle for steelhead shows how we respect them...

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