Steelhead Nymphs- from my personal collection, tied by the Zen Piscator

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Zen Piscator, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. This is easily the best thread that's ever been in the Classifieds.

    Zen, you've got kahunas man, and the fishing acumen to back it. I say go for it little bro, and if you need legal counsel to get you off the hook I'm your man, and will charge the most nominal of retainers of one 12 wt Nautilas reel with extra spool, which I would gladly lend back to you when you go to the tropics or chasing tuna. Such a deal for you Andy. Welcome to the world of overhead! :beer2:
  2. Sweet bigt, I've mad 200 so far, the IRS must be hunting for a chunck of that. I just did this because I saw another board member doing it and thought it may be a good idea. It was.
  3. Hey Andy I was just trying to help, like I said take the advice or leave it. If you think it's a good idea to sell stuff on a website where everybody can see it then hey more power to you. Just keep it small scale or I guarantee you it will come back to get you some time:,,id=106778,00.html

    The funny (ironic) part about it is they actually pay people to snitch on each other. Those guys at the IRS are the devil I tell you.
  4. I'm gonna give you bad ju-ju if you snitch on me! If I make over 500 a year doing this then I will consider getting documentation or whatever, but I beleive its legal if you keep it under a certain amout...600 the last time I checked which was a while back...

  5. Hey man I would never snitch on you. Believe me I am in your camp, I just wanted you to think things over before you get yourself in trouble. There are some real wack jobs out there and they look for stuff like this. Just be careful, that's all, the information is out there to know what you have to do for your own business. Seriously good luck to you, I mean it. You are obviously very talented at what you do and you are going to go a long way in your career. And you tie some awesome flies. Thanks for listening. And sorry for starting all this seriously it just started off as a well-meaning joke that's all.
  6. I believe in washington, you have to profit over 1300 before reporting it.
  7. Damn Zen, $200 already, thats pretty good.
  8. I think your safe from the IRS Zen. If you are not I have a great CPA. BTW I think it's not in good taste to mention someone needs to be:rolleyes: careful regarding paying taxes, especially if the person is TYING FLIES....... It's just so god damn funny:rofl: ....... I'm dying over here!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Tax evasion is a serious crime, no doubt. but tying flies........:rofl: $200.00
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I hope you get the problem of having to be concerned about paying them, because then you are really making money.
    Also, kudos to the guy who mentioned you heading over seas to make millions. Not to mention all the tang!!;)

    I guess I must qualify myself, I have been in my office doing taxes since about a week before Christmas, I have missed an opportunity to go to California and share Christmas with my family, I have two desks filled have no tax taxes.....So to say that you may get stung, has to be one of the funniest things I have heard in a month.

    Zen, I am headed to Kona, HI. next month and wandering if you can tie some flies specific for the area?
    I can email you a list if you like?????
  9. Bad taste or not, income is income. It happened to my friend under the same circumstances - just building some cabinents to help pay for college on the side. Soembody got pissed off at him on a deal turned bad, knew he was doing the work under the table, and narked him out to the IRS, next thing you know his life is miserable. $200 a week selling flies seems innocuous but that is $10k a year which given Zen's rep and tying skills could easily turn into $20 or $30k in a year or two. Anybody who doesn't think the IRS would be interested in that is kidding themselves. I'm just trying to help Zen out with a life-lesson that's all.
  10. Absolutly, just PM me with a list of flies, amount you want tied, and a mailing adress. I will get them off asap.

    Did ya get the bugs yet? Got the bling in the mail today- thats a bunch!

  11. In the summers and fall I guide under a license here in Washington. I make less that $500 a year selling flies. I've already considered this but tying for a living just doenst make much sense to me, too sedentary, when I could be out on the water fishing or watching.

  12. Sedentary, Zen I want you to close your eyes and think Thai land! Now go to that happy place and think ten even twenty women falling all over you, for your money of course, but who cares. Think of the Bi-atches. :confused: What I can dream.
    OK, I will send you a list "pm'd" and if you could do some research too that would be great. It's on it's way.
  13. Zen -

    No joy, yet.

    But I'm glad you got the bling.

  14. Zen,

    What's a guided SH trip on the GR cost. Seriously?
  15. $300 a day, I don't do boat rides though, we walk and wade. 400 for 2 people.

    But didn't guide over there at all this year as the fishing was terrible... Did it all on the local stuff.

  16. Got them today, Zen. Sweet!

    (Now I'm going to hold on to them for the next ten years so I can auction them off as the first set of flies sold at the beginning of the ZenFly Empire!)

    Actually, I've got this small OP expedition in mind............

  17. Glad you liked them Otter.

    Any more takers?
  18. How much for a Yak' smallmouth float?
  19. I don't row yet mang. For u its free.
  20. You are going to college soon which got me thinking... where are you going? My bet is you are gonna go to central so you can fish the yak everyday.... good luck

    Dominic Rickert

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