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  1. so let's really add fuel to the fire.....

    (as I am sure it has been discussed before) Do you guys throw nymphs with spey gear, and if so, what type of setup would one use...

    I would think you could throw nymphs with tips and swing, but don't think that would be as effective as a dead-drift. I suppose a floating tip and weighted nymphs could work as well...
  2. Franks fly, sparkle shrimp, polar shrimp, green butt skunks, and flesh flies all come to mind
  3. i haven't caught near enough steelhead to have a go to pattern, but i do tie up princes, eggs, etc.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. We use spey rods on the Methow when nymphing. Just like swinging, it's far more efficient with the two-hander. With a yarn indicator and double nymph a simple double spey and redirection gets the job done with a simple flick. You follow the same leader length standards you would with a single hander, but adapted to the dimension of your rod length. So.... when using a 12 footer, I would use a tapered leader form 8-10lbs 11-13 ft long.
  5. I love nymphing with the spey. I usually used a balloon as an indicator because they are so light. Its also a great system because you can use less weight to get deep than with a single handed rod because longer drifts can give you more depth. Mending is also killer with this system, if you can get a hold of a long belly line things improve even further.
  6. we need more of stuff like post #23. i made a copy of each one and will share it with my fly club. thanks, mike w
  7. I want to see whats in Zen's box. He has a lot of nice rubber leg's stones and prince's. I like black bead headed stone fly's.
  8. I'm a believer!!! I watched Matney just own some runs on the Hoh. He would cast way up stream and let that thing drift and drift and drift. Mending is so easy! I'm sold on my 8110 Sage switch rod with the indicator taper on it. I have used a Windcutter and it works pretty well.

  9. Prince with rubber legs and an egg fly called crystal meth or sucker spawn and yarn indicator.

    Just returned from Alaska fishing Anchor and Deep Creek for steelhead and did quite well with these patterns. Fished crystal meth for years on the Great Lakes streams for steelhead


  10. What is the material used for the egg in this photo?
  11. big giant beads?
  12. That looks like standard egg foam.

    Look up how to use kevlar thread and dense egg yarn or foam so you can yank it really tight and than cut it off. It is the yanking and cutting that will give you a beautiful egg shape. It takes 2 of these per fly, one on top and one on bottom which it doesn't show in the walkthrough below. This process makes some beautifully symetrical eggs.

    Here is a walkthrough:

    The best part is, it is easier than it looks.

    Use your metal scissors for this because the kevlar thread will mess up your fine scissors.
  13. No objection here. I've tried stones, princes and other buggy nymphs and never hooked up with any steelhead, not saying they don't work, they just haven't for me. I've caught most my steelhead on eggs, just a matter of what size and what color.

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  14. Hey IBN, quite an egg factory there!

    What is the goo in the cutoff pop cans?

    Is it paint and you dip hot glue eggs in it?

    Care to share your technique?
  15. I really only fish Bugs for summer and fall steelhead. I switch to Eggs, Beads, and combos for winter fish. I have tried princes and other buggy stuff and I too have done poorly compared Eggs.
  16. It's mostly hot glue, there is also some coloring involved. The guy who showed me how to make them asked me not to repeat the process, I'd normally share the info but in this case I've gotta respect his wishes, sorry.
  17. Thanks Jason -- there's a lot of room for improvement with my eggs, so this should really help. Especially the kevlar thread tip.
  18. Heheh

    Reminds of my buddies who have their secret roe recipes they won't share with me.
  19. You are a bunch of damn traitors. Nymphs? EGGS?!! I hope the steelhead Gods punish every one of you sons of ...... Hey IBN, SHHHHHH how'd how do you really glue gun those eggs? :D:D Coach

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