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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Will Atlas, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. I'm looking at the WDFW hatchery escapement report for the Kalama. It shows six different rows of data, 07H, 07H/W, 07W, and H, H/W, and W. What does all this mean. Are the 07_ fish the summer runs that spawned in spring 07 so essentially last years run sizes? Also, I assume H/W means a wild broodstock or something of that nature. What is the states policy with those fish? Are they trucked above the falls?

  2. Will, there is no fish in the Kalama.
  3. yep, they f-ed up the run this year. There was a virus in the smolt, so they got rid of them, and brought over smolt from the Washougal. They didn't acclimate them long enough, and those fish are going straight past the Kalama, and right to the Washougal. Look at the returns for the washougal right now, I think it's quadruple its normal size.
  4. wow, the state strikes again. but seriously, lousy year for the Kalama eh? even the wild fish are struggling along.
  5. WDFW report as of June 3:

    Kalama River - More summer run steelhead than spring chinook are being caught. Effort has tapered off.

    Washougal River - No report on angling success. Bait may be used and the fishing area has been extended up to the Salmon Falls Bridge under permanent rules which began June 1.

    Through May, hatchery summer run steelhead returns to Skamania Hatchery are down about 20% from the same time last year (118 vs 144 fish).

    Perhaps I am looking in the wrong spot? I haven't heard squat about the me here.
  6. There is no gauge on the river and I guess it is running at about 100cfs, if that. There are far more swimmers and angry landowners who do not want you tresspassing. The few access spots do not have enough water to dangle a fly for more than a few minutes.
  7. Thanks Ben.

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