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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jason Decker, Jan 28, 2006.

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    I wish there was a smilie for sticking your finger down your throat. It would fit in the thread.:( :( :( :( :(

  2. Jason Decker Active Member

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    jim, you just made me spit up my beer.
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    "resident grouch".... why do they call him that??? :)
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    Not another one of these threads. As long as it's legal, who cares? A little smelly jelly on a fly isn't going to make the fish take it any deeper.
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    Maybe I am way off on this, but most steelhead flies don't seem to resemble any kind of imitation of food source to me. Especially the colors. I thought the angle (pun intended) was to invade their space and piss them off resulting in a strike. Not all flies imitate a readily available food source. Heck, salmon stop eating when they enter the Fresh!

    In regards to the topic, I have wondered the exact same thing. I have never tried it, but I have to believe that the smell of Krill must give the fish some kind of flashback to the sea when food was good-n-plenty. Just speculation.:confused:
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    You are right tightlines, I was just making a general statement about fly fishing in general. Steelhead & salmon are the exception to the rule, they'll pretty much strike anything if they are in the mood. But is it really FLY fishing? (Just kidding)

    I'm off to Pass Lake now, you boys have fun debating!
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    Personally, I like the way WD-40 blends with blue ear pheasant hackle when thoroughly drenched in the stuff. MMMMMMM.
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    I thought that was how you fished the 'wd-40 fly'???
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  10. chadk Be the guide...

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    OK, so forget about scent... How about that spray on stuff that adds flash\sparkle to 'any lure or fly'? Forgot where I saw it, but it is advertised for salt water fishing I think... So no scent, but increased visibility\reflection. Maybe for bucktailing or something...
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    if you add scent, you are by definition bait fishing...if that is your thing then go for it where legal. I prefer to flyfish.
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    IS there a product designed to REMOVE scent without adding any? I am thinking about the natural scent of fur/feathers, plus my skin oil, hand soap, gasoline, pnut butter and banana sandwich, single malt scotch, dog fur or my musty fishing vest after being put up wet. :eek:

    As for scent for steelhead flies- I tried it my first year - didn't help. After that I have become so determined (pig headed?) to catch a steelhead -and to catch it on a fly- that it if I did catch one on a scented fly, I would feel like I cheated and I would still be looking for my first fly caught Steel.

    Ethics? I agree w/ chadk, If you are not fishing over native fish that need to be released I think its perfectly ethical, where legal. If there is a high liklihood of catching a mandatory-release fish, or if you intend to release your catch, I think the ethical thing to do is use uncented lure/fly with asingle barbless hook. aka: selective gear

    GT- nymphing for steelhead should be banned - cause its too effective? Maybe I should start nymphing more often...hmmm :cool:

    Actually I believe this was banned (in a way) on the NF stilly a few yrs ago to protect Kings (no weight added to fly or line). Never figured out if this included sinktips tho.:confused:

  14. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    First off. It's not a bobber, it's a float, get it straight. ;) LOL. Second, just as many guys get skunked fishing jigs as they do anything else (if you're fishing it wrong, it's not gonna get you into fish any faster then anything else out there). So I wouldn't say outlaw them. What's next, plugs? I know quite a few guides who slay the crap outta salmon/steelhead with plugs. Probably more then most other guides I know (gear and fly). Add a baitwrap, and watch out salmon. Put up a "wall of death" as it's called, and a pretty damned successful technique (one I love to use on a rookie fisherman in the boat who doesn't matter what he's using at end of the line).

    Onto scents. Nope, never put them on flies. Why I have gearrods still. I use my bait/scents for that. Onto jig guys using scent. Man, you're talking about another can of worms. That's been a huge fight for years now amongst gear guys. Does it help? Think it depends on where you're fishing and what you're fishing for. I know I've baittipped jigs (I actually tie a jig designed to fish bait, not just adding to a "jig"), and they've worked quite well (yet again, I was fishing them correctly). Only big problem about adding scents, they will gum up a fly/jig (especially marabou types).

    Personally, if you enjoy using it, go for it. As long as it's legal. I'm to the point anymore where I don't care how you want to fish. As long as you're within the law, and you're passionate about your sport. Label yourselves as "fisherman" first, then let the world know what "technique" you prefer to fish with. Have almost 30 years steelheading, and still find most of the "techniques" I've fished with over the years rewarding to fish even to this day. Why I have alot of that older gear. I fish the technique I'm most in the "mood" to fish.
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    Who cares about ethics? It's not flyfishing. I don't give a rat's ass if you're using a fly rod and fly line to cast it, it's baitfishing. If you want to do it and it's legal, go for it. But don't call it flyfishing. Lame. . . .
  16. Jason Decker Active Member

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    O my kiss ........ Read the original post. I do NOT do it nor do I even consider doing it. I was only wondering (IF) others did. This is a question derived from reading an article. thats it. stupid question but it's odd to see everyone get their panties in bunch on this.

    Jerry - That was the best post on this thread and cast great light on the issue.

    The other 2 guys I'd love to hear on this are MONK and IBN!
  17. PT Physhicist

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    Do you really want some stranger (or a whole group of them) telling you what is ethical?:confused:

    I'm almost embarrassed to call myself a flyfisherman anymore.:beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

    Great thread.:(
  18. Jason Decker Active Member

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    PT. PT!

    I must admit I enjoy a good ruckus once in awhile, especially when it is raining so hard I see salmon swimming up my drive way. cabin fever brings out the cave man in us all.

    The dynamic dialogue is essential thing that makes this forum so special and occassionaly tongue-in-cheek.

    I don't consider most of the posters on this thread "strangers" and it's great to get their opinions and ass kickins too! If you don't ask questions or make posts, then all you are is a stranger on a forum, and that is BORING. Don't be a fly on the wall. I do take their ideas to heart and then make up my own mind just like everyone else would. Whatever it takes to learn more to fish better and have a great time.... that's what its about!
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    Interesting point Jerry. Lately I noticed that most of the fisherman I talk to on the river are gear guys. I am a chatty kind of guy and usually break the ice with the statement: "I couldn't catch a steelhead if my life depended on it!" I usually get a laugh and then the repetitive response of "That's because you are fly fishing" Or something to the effect that catching a steelhead on a fly is WAY harder than with gear. I have had days where indeed I am not catching fish and gear guys are, but I have also seen them get skunked like me. IYHO as anadaptive gear fisherman, is it easier to catch steel on gear? I really am only a flyfisher--that is what I am and what I do. Are these gear guys just getting their bait/jig/scent--whatever in a better position/presentation than I am? I have a feeling that catching steelhead is just not easy--no matter how you fish for them.
  20. Jason Decker Active Member

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    that is the smartest statment made on this thread!